Gosia’s Soaps: The Best I Have Ever Used

Christmas is coming, and it is time to think about giving something useful as a gift. I am happy to suggest the wonderful soaps made by the wife of fellow blogger, Eddy Winko.

Gosia produces them with 100% all-natural ingredients, in a real home-crafting situation in Poland. Even better, you can choose from a great variety, including those suitable for sensitive skin, like mine. Prices are fair, and much better than those so-called ‘Artisan soaps’ seen for sale at craft fairs and trendy markets around the country. The soap I buy even softens Norfolk’s hard water, and makes the bath easy to clean after use!

Gosia will post to anywhere in the world, and advance payment is easily arranged by using Paypal. You can contact Eddy through the website for any special requests, or to leave your order and address details. I am not the only blogger who uses these soaps regularly, and every customer always comes back for more!

The latest updated link, in English.


This link is in Polish, but can be translated using Google.

Zielona Koza

Here is a link to the site in English, where you can scroll through and look at photos and descriptions of the products available.


62 thoughts on “Gosia’s Soaps: The Best I Have Ever Used

  1. I had to laugh Pete, I started to update the site and I got caught out by the block editor πŸ™‚ Now the page is all over the place, but I’kl working to correct it so please apologies to anyone who gets caught out in my updates πŸ™‚

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  2. Today’s match pits Sasquatch against the Green Goat!
    “Ladies and gentlemen! In this corner, we have Jack Haldrup, known in America as Dr. Squatch. He will face off against his Polish opponent, known only as Gosia (wink! wink!), but often referred to by fans as Our Lady of the Green Goat. Both fighters produce all natural soaps and other organic products, so this is more than just a battle of the sexes! Jack and Gosia, when the bell rings, I want you two to come out fighting. But let’s keep it clean!”

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  3. I have bought some too, the Bastille one is great for sensitive skins, no perfume and it lathers up really well. I have no idea when I’ll get to use the others I bought as the soap lasts a long time! A great gift as you say Pete.

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      1. I have been using an olive oil soap that I bought years ago in Greece and found it so gentle with all this washing of hands going on these days. Eddy suggested this might be a good substitute as it is made from 95% olive oil and 5% coconut oil.

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          1. As far as I recall from my Ambulance days, it doesn’t do any harm. Lifeboy soap was red, and Fairy soap was green. Both looked a lot like sweetie bars. πŸ™‚
            Cheers, Pete.


  4. Thank you for the plug, much appreciated.
    You have caught me out there Pete, I still have to update the page with lots of nice pictures πŸ™‚ http://www.zielonakoza.pl is complete, even if it is in Polish, it can be translated easily enough from within your browser.
    Now if only I could remember my password to add some pictures quickly πŸ™‚

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