S.A.D. Lamp

Over the years, many of my readers have suggested that I buy a SAD lamp. That stands for Seasonal Affective Disorder, something that affects many people during the winter months, or in long spells of dull and dark weather.

I have resisted buying one for a long time. They used to be very expensive, and I was also unsure whether or not they really work.

However, my recent slump in mood caused by feeling ill during weeks of awful dark and wet weather has made me look again, prompted by Stevie Turner sending me a link in a blog post comment.

I found one at a very reasonable price, and it also comes with a USB connection, so I can plug it into my PC, and have it nearby when I am in the office room. It arrived this afternoon, and required no setting up. It resembles a Tablet, like an i-Pad or similar, and stands firm with a built in support in either orientation.

There are five levels of light intensity, three colour temperature options, and a timer function too.

It has been on for just fifteen minutes, so I will have to report back when I have experienced extended use.

54 thoughts on “S.A.D. Lamp

    1. I decided that £22 was ‘acceptable’ for this one, Jon. It certainly provided a pleasant light on the dull afternoon yesterday, but I will wait and see if it really helps during the coming winter.
      Best wishes, Pete.

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  1. I tend to be a skeptical person, too, but I try to be open-minded enough to consider the possibility that things like this can work. I’ll be waiting for your review.

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  2. I will be interested in reading your feedback my husband suffers from SAD during winter, we call it the season of moaning. He usually heads to warmer sunnier climes for 3 months. SAD lamp would be worth considering.

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  3. I don’t think I’d survive the winter without my SAD lamp, Pete. I’ve not had to start using it yet as we’ve had really good, bright weather but I will need it soon, I’m sure. Hope it works for you.

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    1. When I first looked some time ago, they were around £70 and up. This one was £21 for Prime members, so that’s ‘affordable’ on my budget. I will certainly let everyone know if it works for me.
      Thanks, Pam.
      Best wishes, Pete.

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  4. I have friends who have greatly benefitted by a SAD lamp, and I’ve considered getting one myself for the long gloomy winter we have here in the Pacific Northwest. Not sure why but I’m unable to see your link. What’s the name of the one you got?

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    1. JSK-30 LED Daylight lamp. It was £22 for Prime members. (Made in China, but naturally guaranteed by Amazon, and came with a normal wall plug as well as the PC connection.) I looked on the US site, and it doesn’t appear there, but there are many simlar ones. (Maybe it is the Chinese trade sanctions? 🙂 )

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