An Alphabet Of Things I like: A

I once did a series of A-Z posts about films, directors, and actors. There was also a musical A-Z, featuring songs, singers, or groups.
This time, it is just about things I like, and that could be anything that starts with the letter.


This powerful alcoholic drink was once thought to drive people insane, and was even banned in some countries. There is a special way to drink the aniseed flavoured cloudy drink. First, add a little water to the green-coloured liquid. Then you have to have an Absinthe spoon. Soak one cube of sugar in the drink, then rest it on the spoon. Set light to the sugar cube, and then stir the flaming cube into the drink.

Be warned, at 55% volume, it is very strong. Some brands are available as high as 89% volume, and they can actually be injurious to health. (Most Vodka is 40%)

I have an unopened bottle in the drinks cupboard. It remains unopened for a good reason.

I like it far too much.

81 thoughts on “An Alphabet Of Things I like: A

  1. Hello Pete,

    As you know, I liked this series of posts a lot — so much so that I’ve now come up with my own version (crediting you for the idea, of course):

    Introductory post:
    First post (likes and dislikes – A)::
    Second post (likes and dislikes – B):
    Summary project page:

    And two friends of mine already like the project enough to have decided on doing their own series, too! Look what you started … 😀

    Cheers and thank you again for the inspiration!



      1. It‘s a systems issue — I actually do have a https protocol, but it seems WP (and / or Gravatar and / or Akismet) doesn‘t recognize it. You can leave comments using the mobile version of the Reader … not sure how much help that is to you, though (did you ever get your mobile back in working order?!). Thank you either way!!

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  2. I’ve never been one for any alcoholic drinks, although it does feature in plenty of stories and memoirs set in Paris at the turn of the XX century in particular. I look forward to this new series of blog, Pete.

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  3. In doing research for a post I just published on Oscar Wilde, I learned that he was a heavy absinthe drinker during the last few years of his 46 years-long life and was considered a contributing factor in his early demise. Thus it would seem that abstinence from absinthe is the way to go.(or to not go, depending on how you mean go).

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  4. Very interesting! Thanks for sharing! During my research into various plants that grow in my area, and herbs, perennials, etc., I had come across the ‘stark warnings’ about absinthe (I’d have to check my plant database, but from a species of wormwood plant family??) but this share of the ‘way to imbibe’ intrigues me on what the sugar and lighting it on fire does to change the chemical composition before ingestion – – having long ago, (in my wild and young years!) been shown a display of Everclear being spilled on the ground and lit (and burning green and purple spectrum) I said, “um, no thanks!” when the owner of the bottle generously offered a swig after displaying how it burned (which seemed, to my mind then AND still, whether true or not, akin to being asked to drink rocket fuel….LOL) But I always appreciate the various tidbits that come onto my radar regarding traditional preparations of things and always wonder, “Well, just HOW toxic is it if it is ingested given tradtional/proper preparations?” – – :D. Thanks again for sharing!

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  5. (1) Absinthe makes the heart grow fonder, so it surely must be good for one’s health?
    (2) Vincent van Gogh, lend me your ear! Hear me out, s’il vous plaît! You’ve always impressed me, but I’d rather cavort with the spunky Green Fairy from Moulin Rouge!
    (3) You have an unopened bottle in the cupboard because you like it too much? That’s just insane!
    (4) Do not try to sweeten the spoon. That’s impossible. Instead, only try to realize the truth. It is not the spoon you sweeten, it is the absinthe. I know this, because I routinely get drunk in the matrix.

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  6. Sounds like bad green-dyed moonshine, Pete. I gave up all liquor over 40+ years ago. Cigarettes too. If I kept up with those 2 habits, I am quite sure I wouldn’t be around to comment on your post today.

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    1. I have never had alcohol or cigarette, simply because I can’t allow myself to lose control. Sometimes I wonder what I’ll do if I get drunk and the scene scares me! 🤣🤣🤣 I am rather too much of a free spirit– Mrs Jakyll trying to hide Ms Hyde. So, I try not to let the monster out!

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  7. There is a store in Amsterdam that sells a lot of Absinthe. Whenever I see this drink I always have to think of an episode of the Highlander tv series where a certain immortal enjoyed this drink quite a lot.
    I have never had it myself, but well in general I don’t drink alcohol, so that’s probably the main reason😀

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    1. It is so delicious, John. You have to try to drink it with friends, so there is no way you can have more than a couple! 🙂
      The friend who bought me the bottle at home was intending to drink it with me, but he sadly died.
      Best wishes, Pete.

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