An Alphabet Of Things I Like: D


(Yes, my American friends. You have been spelling it wrong all this time)

I adore doughnuts. I have to try not to buy any, or I would eat them all without regret or conscience.

I don’t care that they are bad for you. Most things that taste great are.

It doesn’t matter to me where they come from. Specialist shop, local bakery, or supermarket. I love them all.

Whether glazed ring.

(Americans call it ‘Jelly’, but it’s not. That’s something different.)

A twisty Yum-Yum.

Or my top-favourite, custard-filled.

To my mind, there is no such thing as a bad doughnut!

94 thoughts on “An Alphabet Of Things I Like: D

  1. They have doughnut day here in Poland, rather than pancake day, and Gosias mum still makes them herself (deep fried!) And it hard to go into a shop and not be surrounded by doughnut displays, tempting you to dive in 🙂
    I prefer the jam filled roll, the whole is a ring is just waste to me 🙂

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  2. One of the highlights of my college years was being introduced the the East Coast phenomenon of Dunkin Donuts(which I always found misspelled). The one near my housing was open 24 hours and was a perfect 10 minute walk away. A great place for a cup of coffee and a doughnut when the essay was not turning out to my satisfaction at 2a.m.

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  3. I can’t argue with your choice for the letter “D” Pete – except maybe the spelling! I had the best donut/doughnut yesterday at the Black Diamond Bakery, fresh baked cake donut with fabulous chocolate frosting. 😉

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  4. Once in a while, I’ll pick up a couple of maple bacon long johns at the nearest local supermarket. Somehow, the bacon bits and the sweet maple glazing work very well together. I like all doughnuts, including raspberry jelly doughnuts and simple glazed ring doughnuts.

    I’ll never forget my worst Thanksgiving ever. It was back in my days at the university in Tucson. I waited all evening for a lady to show up, and she never did. Since all the fast foods were closed that night, I ended up going to a Dunkin’ Donuts. All they had left were stale doughnuts. I bought some, and washed them down back at the dormitory. Aargh!

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  5. A treat when I was growing up was a raspberry jam and fresh cream doughnut after going to the market with my mother. Then I could eat anything and not gain weight, now I just need to look at something sweet and the pounds pile on! 😂

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  6. Doughnuts (that is how I spell them) are my favorite. But I like the odd flavors. White Coconut is first on my list, followed by toasted coconut. Hubby likes chocolate frosted cake doughnuts. In our family, it is a duel between Dunkin’ Donuts (the way they spell it) and Krispy Kreme. I confess to loving all breakfast treats. I especially loved the Quesitos and Cafe Con Leché from a little Cuban restaurant in Florida.

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  7. Oh dear….doughnuts do NOT do it for me, Pete! I might very occasionally at a Danish pastry, or the Portuguese Pasteis de Nata. I don’t eat a lot of sweet stuff these days

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  8. You picked some great doughnuts, Pete. Yum! Yes, many Americans spell it incorrectly. Playdough, too. Our ever-famous store, Dunkin’ Donuts, certainly reinforces the incorrect spelling. I didn’t know that jam was the proper filling, not jelly. Best to you, Pete.

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      1. Actually jam and jelly are sold side by side at the grocery store. Jam is much thicker. Jello is it’s own thing, a powder that you mix with water and refrigerate. Best to you, Pete.

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    1. I used to go to a Soho cafe that sold confectioner’s custard-filled dougnuts. There were as big as the tea plate they were served on, and needed a knife and fork to eat them. I suspect they contained a whole day’s calorie intake! Sorry you cannot eat them any longer, Annabelle.
      Best wishes, Pete.

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  9. J.Co donuts (yes, they spell it that way) is the best. It’s from Jakarta, Indonesia and they serve Indonesia, Singapore, Hong Kong, Philippines and Saudi Arabia. So many flavours and just enough sweetness but they are more expensive than the other brands sold here.

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  10. I much prefer cinnamon rolls or as they are sometimes called sticky buns….I guess I should have said that yesterday…..I do like Eclairs and jelly rolls…..but sadly I must limit my intake…..chuq

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  11. Ooooohhh….now you are talking Pete! Could not agree with you more: I love Doughnuts myself as well. With my stomache though at times I have to be extra careful, but well, sometimes I just can’t resist this! 😀😀

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