An Alphabet Of Things I Like: R


Rabbits make great pets. They are fairly easy to keep in good condition, and can even be housetrained. They are content to be cuddled if handled from babies, and come in so many varieties, there is a type and colour that should appeal to everyone.

They also get on with other household pets.

It is important to give them a good balanced diet, and take them to the Vet for health checks, but they are great around children, and an easy way to teach them about caring for an animal that doesn’t need long walks, or exotic food.

If you would prefer one that is as big as a dog, you can also buy very large breeds.

I have had rabbits in the past. One benefit of the smaller ones is that you can take them to family or friends to be cared for when you go on holiday. They rarely show any distress about being kept in captivity, though they sadly do not live that long.

(And I also like to eat rabbit, but don’t tell them that!)

50 thoughts on “An Alphabet Of Things I Like: R

  1. I had a rabbit too and I named her kiki. It was the naughtiest rabbit on earth to be honest. It could never stay in one place and then one day it died because some man who liked to eat rabbits too ate it thinking that it was meat…but for me it was my kiki😔😔😞😢

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  2. The few times I have had rabbit to eat it was laced with buckshot. That made it an adventure rather than a culinary experience. It was not the only gamey meal I had with that friend who thought he was self-sufficient as long as he a sixpack to fall back on 🙂 Warmest regards, Theo

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  3. Rabbits are of course amazing as well! But don’t think I’ve ever eaten rabbit to be honest🤔 So yeah guess I won’t be telling them that either way! Loved the picture with the dog by the way, that was brilliant😊😊

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  4. I didn’t know you could house train rabbits, Pete. I know people who own rabbits and they drop little poops everywhere which I find very off putting. I could never eat one, but my mom ate rabbit a lot as a kid. There wasn’t much else and they were lucky to have any meat at all.

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    1. We had it all the time when I was young, as people kept them at home for food, so it was cheap. Now it is relatively expensive to buy rabbit meat here.
      I had housetrained rabbits who would poo and pee on newspapaers that we trained them to use. But they lived in hutches and runs in the garden most of the time, and all through the summer.
      Best wishes, Pete.


  5. So Rabbits won out over Robots? Robots make great pets. They are fairly easy to keep in good condition (keep an oil can handy!), and can even be house trained to not zap your electronics. They are safe to be cuddled, as long as you don’t touch their “kill command” switch. They come in many appealing software/hardware varieties. They also get on with other household pets, as long as they’re willing to submit to an iron fist. And they are great for controlling the behavior of obnoxious children at family gatherings.

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