An Alphabet Of Things I Like: W


I first tasted waffles on a day trip to Ostend, Belgium. They were being sold from a converted vehicle on the seafront, and I had never seen nor heard of them before. I chose one with maple syrup and chantilly cream, relishing the crispy edges, soft centre, and sweet taste. They were not sold in England at the time, and I returned home raving about how good they were. When they started to appear here, they were always called ‘Belgian Waffles’.

On later trips to France, I discovered they were called ‘Gauffres’ there, and also served with savoury toppings, like cheese and ham.

This became a potential main course and dessert for me, with a delicious savoury waffle followed soon after by a sweet one. It didn’t occur to me how fattening that could be, or that existing purely on waffles for a few days was very bad for you.

Fortunately, they were soon being sold everywhere in Britain, and the novelty wore off.

But I still like them, if only for an occasional treat.

65 thoughts on “An Alphabet Of Things I Like: W

  1. We often had waffles or pancakes for supper on Sunday evenings. I love them both though rarely cook them now. I don’t like sweet things in the morning.(Good thing since I like them the rest of the day!)

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            1. We call them ‘Frosties’, and they have Tony The Tiger on the box. His catchphrase is a growl version of ‘They’re Grrrreat!” I still like them now! πŸ™‚
              Best wishes, Pete.


  2. In the US, a savory waffle is a recent development – I grew up on them as a terrific breakfast item with butter and LOTS of maple syrup! There is a place in Hollywood that serves Fried Chicken and Waffles and that is a powerfully good combo! Great post – made me hungry!

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  3. Waffles were very popular in Canada and everyone owned a waffle iron, so we all made our own. Mom made them and later when I had my own family, I made them. I think my waffle iron was a wedding gift. Now I just make pancakes every Sunday for hubby who loves my nice fluffy pancakes. Dot likes them too.

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