An Alphabet Of Things I Like: Y


The colour yellow brightens up any surroundings, and makes most people feel cheerful too.

In nature, who doesn’t love to see a nice big sunflower?

A field of Oil Seed Rape in full bloom may not smell very nice, but it can be magnificent to gaze upon.

And would this little duckling be half as appealing if it was any other colour?

54 thoughts on “An Alphabet Of Things I Like: Y

  1. When we got married the themed flower (if that’s what you would cal it) was sunflowers. No pricey button holes from Holland,just what we had lying around in the field πŸ™‚ A day I’m reminded of every year as we always grow a patch for the seeds.

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  2. I don’t look too good in yellow, but I love it in my surroundings. Our whole house is white, blue and yellows. Even the whites lean subtly toward yellow with such names as “Candlelight.” When we first bought this house every surface was dark burgundy or dark green or brown. I did a LOT of painting.

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    1. Our kitchen/diner used to be bright yellow. When we had it painted, my wfe chose a more neutral colour called ‘Natural Hessian’. I miss the brightness of the yellow, but it didn’t really match anything. And she likes everything to match. πŸ™‚
      Best wishes, Pete.

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  3. (1) Just a reminder that not all yellow-bellied sapsuckers are birds.
    (2) Why did that canary of mine die?
    (3) Yellow submarines are crawling with beetles.
    (4) I am curious (yellow) as to whether you ever tied a yellow ribbon round the ole oak tree.
    (5) A duckling in the water is cute, but I would rather picture a blonde girl wearing an itsy bitsy teenie weenie yellow polka-dot bikini.
    (6) I do prefer a yellow brick road over two-lane blacktop.
    (7) If yellow is such a cheerful color, why does “Old Yeller” make me cry?
    (8) On a really hot day in the desert, my Hispanic friends often pronounce the word hielo.

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  4. I love yellow too and wear it often. I once had a yellow suit jacket and every time I wore it I received compliments! It rained a lot in Vancouver and I think a splash of colour is what people liked to see. And sunflowers are my favourite! Monet’s kitchen is painted a cheerful yellow which makes you want to sit and have a cup of tea in it. Nothing says happiness like yellow!

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  5. Love the picture of the duckling showing part of it underwater. The people who have the health food shop below us keep hens and in the lead up to Easter would put chicks in the window with proper heat lights, etc. People loved to watch them. Unfortunately, because of some infection in poultry they can’t be moved from where they are born so no more Easter chicks. I do like yellow but just realised I don’t ever wear it – don’t have a single yellow garment in my wardrobe.

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    1. I am not much for wearing yellow either, though I do own one very bright yellow rugby-type shirt. It was a gift from a colleague some time ago, and I cannot recall the last time I wore it.
      Best wishes, Pete.

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  6. Yellow is a lovely colour, indeed; perhaps we are hard-wired, in normal circumstances, to find a colour that emulates the sun refreshing & cheering? I always think it [or a slightly muted version] is the best colour for a bedroom, because if the room doesn’t face south, at least the colour makes one feel happy on waking. Cheers, Jon.

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