An Alphabet Of Things I Don’t Like: B


Whether cooked or pickled, I just don’t like it. It has that ‘texture’ thing. It is soft, but spongy. And it feels uncomfortable in my mouth, like it shouldn’t be there.

Popular in salads in Britain, I have always hated it. When the jar appeared on the table during the summer months, I always declined.

And it stains things, really badly. Including your pee!

I can live a happy life without it.

53 thoughts on “An Alphabet Of Things I Don’t Like: B

        1. I hadn’t even heard of tuna until I got married in ’77. If I didn’t eat my dinner when I was a child, my dad made me sit there until I did. I remember going to sleep with my head on the table. But when he wasn’t at home, my mum was soft on me. ๐Ÿ™‚
          Best wishes, Pete.


  1. I’m with you there, Pete; it was always the taste for me, first & foremost: it always repulsed me. I can just about handle it when it’s cooked and surrounded by other, stronger flavours, as in a soup, for example, but I can very happily live without it. Cheers, Jon.

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  2. Had them thinly sliced sliced in last nights stir-fry, have them roasted with a load of other root veg to accompany the Sunday roast, pickled whole baby with chillies in the mix adds a nice kick to a cheese sandwich, grated and pickled is a mainstay of the Polish kitchen table to accompany any meal and when you are growing them the leaves alone are a great addition to just boring old lettuce. Gosia even uses them in a glutton free chocolate brownie recipe and nobody has ever guessed that a handful of beetroot is in the mix
    With about 50kg in our cold store it’s just as well we all like them around here:)

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  3. I LOVE pickled beets, Pete! Yum! I love them in salads. Delicious! I love the color–glorious beet red. Lovely! I keep a jar of Aunt Nellies pickled beets in my fridge. It’s a staple of my diet. I even drink the juice if I don’t make a vinaigrette from it.

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  4. (1) Overheard #1: “I prefer Wrinkled Peat Moss to Crinkled Peat Root. Goes better with Groot Beer.” (Groot, in a conversation with Crim’s son)
    (2) Overheard #2:
    Sugar Girl: “So beets color a guy’s pee. Do they crinkle it, too?”
    Beta Boy, shrugging: “Beets me!”
    (3) Has Beetley Pete ever tasted Beetley Beets?
    (4) Peter. ฬถJฬถoฬถhฬถnฬถsฬถoฬถnฬถ. Piper likes his beets pickled in sweet malt vinegar, and simply ignores the color of his pecker’s pee!

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  5. I love beetroot especially spicy pickled beetroot, but the OH isn’t so keen. However, he really likes them when I roast them. They have a very different texture then. And you can also grate it into a chocolate cake mixture!

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    1. I have had a cake made with grated beetroot, and didn’t know until I was told later. But at least it didn’t have that horrible texture I associate with them.
      Best wishes, Pete. x


  6. The new fake hamburger here called the Beyond Burger has beet in it providing some color. I like roasted beets, beet salad and pickled beets. I probably make up your lack in the average consumption of beets per capita.

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      1. I got out of having to eat it at school by using the magic word ‘allergic’. It wasn’t true but I really can’t stand it. A shame, because the juice gives a lovely colour to soups and stews

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  7. I have a bit of a love/hate relationship with this one. It depends on how they are cooked, and what kind of extra ingredients are added to them. One thing is for sure: they are certainly not my favorites, Iโ€™ll tell you that much! ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚

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