An Alphabet Of Things I Don’t Like: H


I will start by saying that unless you are poverty-stricken, starving to death, or live so far from a shop you cannot buy food, there is no justification for hunting whatsoever, in my opinion. It is 2020, not 1820.

And hunting things that you are not going to eat, just because you want to kill them? That’s even worse.

I eat meat, and have to reconcile myself to the production process. Farms, slaughterhouses, butchery, and everything associated with that. But hunting anything just for the thrill of killing it, that is unacceptable. Furthermore, it is deeply worrying. People who want to kill things for the sake of it have no place in a civilised society, as far as I am concerned.

Sadly, many countries like to cash in on the desire of humans to kill things, and have a profitable and flourishing trade in providing ‘holidays’ where people can go and kill animals. Some of those countries have serious economic problems, so I can try to understand why they might welcome the influx of foreign currency.

But Scotland?

Yes, this country offers ‘Stalking’ holidays, where you can track and kill a wonderful defenceless stag, using your high powered rifle at a suitable distance. Of course, there is little or no skill involved, as an experienced employee of the company will lead you to where he already knows the stag is, and then tell you where to hide and how to shoot it. But you at least get to pose with the unfortunate animal, so you can show everyone back home the results of your ‘hunting trip’. I have read justifications of this, where they assert that the deer are numerous, and that shooting them is ‘quick’, even ‘merciful’.

Sorry, that’s just so much bollocks. If you kill it, you should at least eat it. Or buy some farmed venison at the local supermarket instead.

Look at this disgusting excuse for a human being.

She is an American woman who has paid a small fortune to travel to Africa to kill animals.

You are not seeing things. That is a dead giraffe she is proudly grinning in front of. Think about that.

A giraffe.

A docile, vegetarian animal that doesn’t harm a thing, and is a danger to nobody. It had likely stood there oblivious and harmless, as she killed it for no reason whatsoever.

Except that she could.

Looking at that photo makes me angrier than I can say. I cannot even write on here what terrible fate I would have in store for that woman, given the opportunity.

And if that doesn’t tell you enough about the sort of despicable people who do this kind of thing, have a look at this grinning idiot.

Do you know who he is? I will give you a clue.
His father is Donald J. Trump.

69 thoughts on “An Alphabet Of Things I Don’t Like: H

      1. Not waiting Pete, it will first shoot them, and will certainly arrange some people to make photographs with. Its always be same same but different. I dont think i ll ever forget that image of giraffe like that. As if his neck was set up, staged like he is a pet. It was beautiful, just that he was murdered.

        Sigh, wishes to you too pete

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  1. When I was growing up hunting was normal, but it was always for the meat. I would see someone with a deer strapped to their car and be upset, but at least knew why it had been killed. Donald Trump Jr. should have stuck to video games if he wanted to kill!

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  2. Totally agree Pete, hunting for fun has got to go, although I would happily hunt the hunters. Does that make me a hypocrite? 🙂
    Its a shame that we have found ourselves in a place where we have hunted away the natural order of things and there are no longer natural predictors to control runaway populations of deer and other species which we then consider to be a problem when ultimately the biggest problem is us.

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  3. Terrible. Yes, like with other so-called sports or traditions, there is no justification for it. Poor animals deserve much better. If there was any fairness, I know who should be the one smiling…
    Stay safe.

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  4. Totally agree with you, Pete. Hunting with a camera only would be an equal or greater test of skill and leave the animals alive. I would rather see photos of these animals living in their environments than dead next to some grinning idiot. Those people are evil.

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  5. Big game hunting just for fun………. I don’t think so, the murdered Giraffe photo shook me up a bit, just don’t get that at all. There is a reasonable hunting industry here in NZ but from what I can see it is usually to get the venison or wild pig on the dining table. I also don’t agree with sport fishing unless the fish is let free unharmed or at least used for food

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  6. As much as I love deer, I know here in the States, the herds get out of control if they’re not culled. This can be a huge problem especially with Lyme disease being so prevalent. Something like that, while I couldn’t do it myself, I can’t take issue with as long as they are killed humanely. But “sport hunting” is despicable and it figures that Trump’s boys are avid supporters.

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  7. Growing up I hunted and we ate everything that we shot. Once I no longer had to hunt for food I stopped.
    Deer hunting season began last week here in MN. All the eatable venison will be eaten and the hides tanned by the hunters or by the charity they give them to. and there are so many deer, if the herds aren’t cut down disease could take over. There is no season here where I live, not even bow and we have a herd of 18 that are daily visitors. They are so much fun to watch.
    Trophy hunters should placed on an island ala the short story The Greatest Game!

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    1. Thanks, Don. I have no issue with the hunted animals being eaten and their skins used. Especially when they are around in great numbers. As long as they are killed properly, without the use of leg traps, or weapons that don’t kill them outright. But things like shooting a giraffe are just beyond any level of ‘low’ that I can possibly imagine. I wish that very bad things will happen to that woman.
      Best wishes, Pete.

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  8. It might be interesting if the hunters had to dress to look like the animals they want to kill. Then while the animals would not still have a fighting chance, some of the hunters might be shot instead–fair is fair. Warmest regards, Theo

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  9. I totally agree with you here, Pete. I absolutely fail to understand what is “sport” in that. It contradicts all that is implied in the term “sportsmanship”: fair play with equal chances. As to “equal chances”: if those hunters would take on animals like that water buffalo with their bare hands, that might mean some “sport” to watch. But with rifles with telescoping sights, or even, as here in the US, with semiautomatic or even sniper’s rifles? No, no, no!

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  10. “The unspeakable in pursuit of the uneatable.” This was said about fox-hunting, I believe; obviously, some hunted prey is edible [aka eatable], but the same principle applies, and I agree whole-heartedly: sport hunting is an anachronism that should be consigned to a lamentable history. Cheers, Jon.

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  11. I totally agree with you. This is a big one for me. I hate hunting and the killing of animals for sport. My dad was a cowboy but he didn´t agree with hunting for fun/sport. He did however raise cattle for consumption but supported my decision to become a vegetarian.

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  12. Killing something you are not planning to eat is inexcusable. If you find fun in it, your life must have been miserable so far. Sorry for such people who have to kill defenceless animals just to be happy. I would advise visiting their family and making real friends instead.

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    1. I suspect any friends they have are also involved in such horrible things, Shaily. There is something deeply disturbing about people who get pleasure from killing helpess animals. I think they should be locked up, away from decent people.
      Best wishes, Pete.

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  13. It sickens me too. And I have a cousin who lives in New Zealand who loves to hunt. I am so glad I won’t ever see him again. His sisters are horrified too. I can understand the need for culling animals, though I don’t like it, but killing for FUN! No.

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    1. Poaching of Rhino and Elephant horn is indeed tragic. But many of the poachers kill the animals because they are poor and can get money for the horns. It is the buyers in the far east who need to be stopped to end that trade. But killing animals for ‘pleasure’ is something much worse, in my opinion.
      Best wishes, Pete.

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  14. “Looking at that photo makes me angrier than I can say. I cannot even write on here what terrible fate I would have in store for that woman, given the opportunity”…That was a sentence that pretty much captured my very own thoughts for it, and then some. It disgusts me that there are people out there that do this to so many beautiful animals. It’s sadly still a fact of every day reality, and unless there will come laws at some point, I don’t think it will ever stop 😢

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