An Alphabet Of Things I Don’t Like: Q


Q is a hard letter to find things to add, whether you like them, or don’t.

I don’t hate quiche. I have eaten it, and would politely still eat it, if it was served to me by someone.

But as a snack, it would never be my first choice. Years of weddings and funerals, where small pieces of quiche or the now familar ‘mini-quiche’ are always on offer. Sometimes the pastry is undercooked, and they are also usually served cold too. Shop-bought versions are often lacking in flavour, and just plain boring.

These days, you can buy ‘dressed up’ quiches, even ‘Vegan quiche’.
Like this one.

But on any list of tasty edibles, quiche would be at the bottom for me.

54 thoughts on “An Alphabet Of Things I Don’t Like: Q

  1. I used to make them regularly back in the day, then taught my daughter who made a good quiche. I haven’t made one for ages, but don’t know why not as they are lovely with a salad in summer. You have to have good pastry.

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  2. Quiche is a very mixed bag. I agree that the chilled supermarket varieties are often soggy and uninspiring, but a home made quiche with good pastry, fresh veg and tasty cheese, is excellent.

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