An Alphabet Of Things I Don’t Like: T


I mean Public Toilets of course, not those in my house, or the houses of friends and relatives.

I have to be pretty desperate to use a public toilet, believe me. And since many of them were either closed down, or are no longer attended by someone who cleans them regularly, I would quite honestly sooner go up a tree.

It is not just the fault of the provider or the establishment where they are situated, of course. The users must also carry a lot of the blame for the state of so many of them these days.

Even those that might appear to be ‘reasonable’ on first sight can still turn out to have floors that are damp and sticky with urine, and evidence that the interiors have not been cleaned for a very long time.

There are some notable exceptions. Using toilets in first class hotels is usually a pleasant experience, and airports and hospitals tend to have regular cleaning routines that make the toilets acceptable, if not gleaming.

But as a rule, I avoid them all.

41 thoughts on “An Alphabet Of Things I Don’t Like: T

  1. Locally, I’ve got to know reliable places where one can go (community centres, the local market, some big shops and supermarkets) and they tend to be OK, but yes, I’ve had some pretty scary experiences, and it isn’t as easy for us as all that (mind you, with the lockdown there haven’t been that many places to choose from).

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  2. I can only agree with you Pete.
    I always judge a restaurant by its toilets, not that we eat out much, but if the toilets are in bad order then the food most is almost always of a similar standard.
    Portable chemical toilets are my pet hate.
    It’s quite common to find toilets attended here and you have to pay to go in, 20p, and they are always in good order.

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  3. (1) The restrooms in some of the resorts on the Las Vegas Strip are so immaculate and beautifully decorated that it’s tempting to sell the house and go live in them.
    (2) Sadly, many gamblers don’t bother to wash their hands after using the toilet. They simply return to the game, where they handle chips and cards.
    (3) I took an Italian train from Nice to Naples back in the 1970’s. When I lifted the toilet lid, I was surprised to see the train tracks speeding by.
    (4) It’s not just basketball players who pull off a rim shot.
    (5) Toddlers who potty train always look flushed with pride.

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  4. What I like about travelling here in the US is the availability of “restrooms” – as they’re called here. Every gas station and every supermarket has their public restrooms, and mist of the times they’re well kept.

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  5. I’ve been lucky enough to use ones that seem clean at least. In town I’ll get a coffee at McDonalds to use theirs, always spotless. πŸ™‚ and when out on shoots with Sophie the places we visit have nice clean ones, so far!

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  6. The worst ever for me . . I was on the road from Samarkand to Bukhara in Uzbekistan and there was a roadside building, a toilet, quite large but no light and no water, just one big room of excrement. I did not, could not, enter and I cannot forget it.

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    1. I was seriously ill in Smarkand for three days, and actually thought I might die. (Two older people in the group were admitted to hospital there) Then I saw hotel room cleaner using the same filthy rag to clean the toilet that she used to clean everything else, including our drinking glasses! But my worst ever public toilet experience was at El Djem, Tunisia. I opened the door, closed it again, then went and peed up the wall at the back of the restaurant. πŸ™‚
      Cheers mate, Pete.

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