An Alphabet Of Things I Don’t Like: Y

Yappy Dogs.

I love dogs, and there are few breeds I am not attracted to. I even like tiny dogs. But why oh why do so many of them have to constantly bark in such an annoying ‘yappy’ fashion?

Some of the worst offenders include these breeds.

Pomeranian. (Sorry Kim)

My uncle had one of these for years. It would sit on his shoulder and yap constantly at anyone who came into the house. It could never be silenced, making conversation almost impossible.


One of my fellow dog walkers owns one, and it never stops yapping at everyone and every dog it sees. He has to resort to holding its mouth shut.

Miniature Pinscher.

These tiny dogs like to be heard. They yap for attention, yap at people walking toward them, and yap at any dog they don’t know.


Perhaps being so low to the ground makes them nervous, but the miniature variety of this breed is also famous for constantly yapping.

Other well-known ‘Yappers’ include Yorkshire Terriers and Jack Russell Terriers. I really like all of these breeds. They have great personalities, and also make very loyal companions.

But I don’t like that yapping!

46 thoughts on “An Alphabet Of Things I Don’t Like: Y

  1. Everyone has that one friend that won’t stop talking or always has to voice their opinion no matter how many times you ask them to stop. I assume that it is that same with dogs-some just love to hear their own voices and it’s difficult to train them not to yap. I know a Pom who uses her voice sparingly, but I’ve see others how are like the aforementioned friend.

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  2. Then you would really have trouble with my daughter’s rescue which is a chihuahua, Pomeranian mix.
    He really loves to bark. Incessantly. At anything including a leaf blowing by. He is determined to protect her from all harm.

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  3. Me neither. I have a Jack Russell/Yorkie and a Jack Russel/Dachshund. The maisonette by the forest used to wind them up whenever someone walked along the footpath on the other side of the fence, but this visit they’re both a lot quieter – although that might be because the footpath is currently closed for tree-felling or something.
    Or it might be because I’ve bought a couple of collars that beep when they bark. If that doesn’t confuse them enough to silence them, the collar then vibrates. They have worn them once, and I didn’t think they were working, but since then, they’ve both shut up when I told them to. (Coincidence?)
    To be honest, the Yorkie cross hasn’t barked so much since the Dachshy cross joined us. I did learn on a cynology course that it’s generally the lowest dog in the pack that makes all the noise, being the look-out for the rest. That would make sense, as he’s the youngest and the smallest (and also explains the general yappiness of smaller dogs).
    But nothing is going to stop them answering when next door’s dogs bark.

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    1. Some of the bigger dogs around here have those anti-bark collars, but none of the yappy ones!. The Vet also told me once that some dogs bark because they have gone deaf, and cannot hear themselves barking. πŸ™‚
      Best wishes, Pete.

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  4. I’m with you there, Pete. I’m pretty neutral when it comes to dogs: I can take them or leave them but I prefer the larger breeds, because they tend to be better-tempered. So many people seem to fawn over pugs, but I find them ugly and they never look happy because they are always snuffling and panting: I presume that is the way they’ve been bred, but it doesn’t look right to me. Cheers, Jon.

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