I wasn’t expecting that!

Thirty minutes ago, I went out into the kitchen to make a coffee, and was startled to discover that is is snowing heavily in Beetley.

Then Julie came back from a hospital appointment and told me that much of the neighbouring county of Suffolk has had heavy snowfalls, necessitating school closures in some areas.

Fortunately, the snow here is not settling on ground that is still too wet from yesterday’s rain. And that snow is set to depart the east of England by the time it is dark later.

But it gave me a shock. As most of you know, I don’t like snow!

59 thoughts on “I wasn’t expecting that!

  1. Tons of moisture here today vacillating between cold rain and wet snow. I expect this evening as the temperature goes down it will be all snow. Fortunately our town does an excellent job at plowing. Unfortunately we have nowhere to go!

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  2. (1) “There’s no business like snow business like no business I know.” (snow plow showman)
    (2) I heard they’re throwing snowballs in Hell. What are the chances?
    (3) Most snowflakes in Beetley fall neatly and discreetly, but not completely.

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        1. 😱 You mean he goes out in T-shirt when it is above zero? I wear three sweaters, two pair of socks and gloves and cover my head with a woolen scarf at that temperature. Not to mention, it is all with the heater on!

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  3. It’s only been raining here, thankfully, since early morning, including when I went to do my weekly shop at 07:40, and I mean it was persisting down! It only stopped about half an hour ago, and now the sun is out: hopefully it will stay fine now πŸ˜€ Cheers, jon.

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