Guest Posts: A Pandemic Christmas

Christmas is going to be very different for most people in 2020. Whatever you do to celebrate it, it will undeniably be an unforgettable year.

So I am offering the chance for people to send me a guest post about their own ‘Pandemic Christmas’. If you do not celebrate the religious aspects of the season, don’t worry. You can send a post about your ‘Pandemic December’ instead.

This offer is open to anyone, with the following conditions attached.
(Your post will not be edited, spell-checked, or altered in any way.)

1) You must already follow this blog, my other blog, or follow me on Twitter.

2) Under 3,000 words please.

3) Images or photos to be fairly small files, and sent separately.

If you would like my 6,992 followers to be able to read your post, and have it shared on Twitter too, then please send your Guest Post to me as an email to

Send images or photos to the same email address, but on a different email. Please DO NOT send MS Word or PDF documents as attachments.

Best wishes to you all, Pete.

22 thoughts on “Guest Posts: A Pandemic Christmas

  1. I think ours is going to be very similar to the usual. We have a childcare bubble with the other O’s so we are able to see them anyway. That’s who we would spend Christmas with normally. We just won’t spend any time with the extended family on Boxing Day, which we do on most years.

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    1. We are going out to eat in a restaurant on the 25th, with Julie’s eldest son and his girlfriend. I suppose they are included in what we think of as our ‘family bubble’. 🙂
      Best wishes, Pete.


  2. As things keep changing all the time, it’s difficult to know, although I expect it to be boring as well, as even some of the things I used to do are unlikely to go ahead (some, like my stint helping with phone calls to collect money for a telethon won’t take place, at least not in the same way, or the fair we did for children, or the New Year’s Eve street party)… Thanks for the opportunity, Pete. I hope you get a lot of takers.

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  3. Mine will be very quiet as usual, Pete, although I hope my current bout of gout has cleared up by then, or else I won’t even be able to have a ‘drink’. I do also hope everybody is able to enjoy it in a way they find acceptable. Cheers, Jon.

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    1. I included the follower numbers with tongue in cheek, Jude. The figure is correct, but most have never really followed, let alone commented. I get 400-550 views each day, so I am guessing 10% of that figure are actually following.
      Nobody has taken up this offer. But it isn’t boring, as it will be ‘history’ one day. 🙂
      Best wishes, Pete. x


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