My ‘Curnblog’ Articles

One of my first attempts to get an article published on another website was on the site of Australian Film expert, James Curnow.

James was very generous, and over the years he published no less than twenty of my articles on film and cinema.

Those of you who have followed my blog since the beginning will remember them, but for any new followers who are interested in Films and Cinema, you might like to read some of them. Or even all of them!

Here’s a link.

25 thoughts on “My ‘Curnblog’ Articles

  1. Thanks, Pete. Although I’ve read quite a few of your film reviews and enjoyed them (we have pretty similar tastes when it comes to films), I’m not sure I’ve read all the articles, so I’ll bookmark them for reference. Thanks for the reminder and keep well.

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    1. I have had film reviews published on another site, as well as short stories and non-fiction published online and in (paper) magazines. I never made any money from it, but it felt good to see my name underneath the title. πŸ™‚
      Best wishes, Pete.

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    1. Well you did your best with an unusual surname, I give you that. πŸ™‚
      It actually means ‘someone from Cornwall. Here’s the Internet explanation.

      ‘Cornish: ethnic name for someone from Cornwall, Cornish Kernow ‘Cornwall’, the county in southwestern England where a Celtic language (Cornish) was spoken up to the 18th century.’

      Best wishes, Pete,

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          1. (1) I’ve heard that Cornish hens are curnivores.
            (2) I once read about a hen that became a chicken salad sandwich upon being crushed by traffic in Peckadilly Circus. (That’s in Greater London. Scilly of me to focus my comments on Cornwall.)

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  2. Wow, you’ve contributed a lot of articles, Pete. I had a quick look at the 7 British nostalgia ones. I never saw the film Brighton Rock but when I first read the book I was convinced if I’d met Pinkie, I’d have changed him! And I so did not want Rose to listen to the recorded message.

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