Twitter, and AWESOME!

I am so sick of so many people on Twitter calling ordinary things ‘AWESOME’.
I know, I have gone on about it before, but it is getting worse.

Quite a few bloggers are guilty as charged too!

Ice cream is not awesome.
Burgers are not awesome.
A book, however good, is never awesome.
A gif of an amusing pet or raccoon is not awesome.
Someone’s review of your book is not awesome.
A new pair of trainers is not awesome.
Your new dress is not awesome.
A video game is not awesome.
The cake you baked is not awesome.
The poem or short story you read (or wrote) is not awesome.
A mocca coffee is not awesome.
A film is not awesome.
A TV series is not awesome.
A baseball cap can never be awesome.
A sports game, of any kind, is not awesome.
A record or song cannot be awesome.
A cookie is not awesome.
A photograph is not awesome.
A selfie is definitely not awesome.

This is the dictionary definiton.
Millions of you obviously have no idea what the word means.

extremely impressive or daunting; inspiring awe.
“the awesome power of the atomic bomb”


You are supposed to be intelligent. So GROW UP!

It is just chidish, and SO ANNOYING!

49 thoughts on “Twitter, and AWESOME!

  1. Apologies, Pete. I am guilty of this crime. I’ve been taken to task a few times by Dictionary Nazis, who have decided I am not smart enough to understand the definition of the word. When one lives a life of difficulty, one tends to find Awe in many of the little things others take for granted. My life is filled with Awesome! 😊

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    1. Hi Rose, thanks for you own thoughts on this. It is not up to me to police the words you use of course, but the overuse and misuse of ‘Awsome’ has long irritated me. Maybe it’s my age? When you see something (other than a doughnut) that is actually ‘Awesome’, what word will you use then? 🙂
      Best wishes to you, Pete.


  2. I sympathise but, whether we like it or not, language usage continually changes through use and abuse and no amount of Canute-like expostulation will stem the tide.

    It is also a fact the very many of the words that we use daily in standard English once had quite different meanings which changed because people misused them as they today misuse “awesone”, “fantastic”, “decimate” and a slew of others.

    Incidentally, the word “awful” once meant something different as we see in hymns to the “awful majesty” of God. It too suffered the fate of its synonym “awesome” and lost its power.

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  3. 30 years ago the MD of the software company where I worked constantly described our products as “awesome”. It irritated me then. Did customers really react to them in open-mouthed astonishment? It’s like this “fantastic” Brexit deal we will or won’t get, and the “fantastic” “world-beating” opportunities we’ll have. Do they think people fall for it?

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  4. When I visited my daughter in NZ last year, it didn’t take long to realise that ‘awesome’ is the go-to word for EVERYTHING in NZ. It isn’t a generational thing either – it’s ubiquitous.
    I think Australia is similarly vocabulary-poor.
    What annoys me in particular is TV scripts that only seem to know one swear-word. On one drama recently EVERY character used the F-word extensively and no other. It might have been less obvious when mouthed by the punk generation, but not for every character at every level. Not only is it unnecessary, it’s unrealistic.
    You’d expect scriptwriters to have a richer vocabulary and a better sense of dialogue.

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