Comments Awaiting Moderation: A Warning

In the past four days alone, I have counted fifteen comments awaiting approval that were merely links to a post or product for sale by the person supposedly commenting on my post. I have warned you before, and here is that warning again.

A link to what you are selling is NOT a comment.

A link to your post is NOT a comment.

Just asking me to follow your blog is NOT a comment.

Anyone who does this on my blog is instantly SPAMMED, and the comment deleted.

So don’t tell me you haven’t been warned.

40 thoughts on “Comments Awaiting Moderation: A Warning

  1. The downside of blogging…why “O” why do people think it is ok to just leave a link and say follow rude and then we get the spam folder picked up by WP filters but as I often find regular followers in there I have to check it daily…such a chore…I feel your pain, Pete x

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  2. I now consider myself a loyal follower of Beetley Pete since I recognize this complaint from before. My complaint (it’s more like an observation) is that some new bloggers will like somewhere in the neighborhood of five of my blog posts in the same minute. Do they not realize that our email tells us that? What is the point? They can pretend to read five posts instead of one.

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    1. Yes, I do post things like this quite often. Usually when I am once again annoyed by receiving a lot of ‘non-comments’ in a very short time. The ‘instant likes’ are normally people scrolling through the WP reader, and just clicking ‘like’ on every post. I also wonder why they bother, Pete.
      Best wishes, Pete.

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  3. Most of these tend to end up in my spam folder directly through one of the plugins (Akismet, I think), thankfully. I suspect they are bots and no real people behind them (or at least not people interested in blogging).

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  4. WP moderation is valuable. You get to intercept…but it’s still darn annoying and time consuming. With all the new push to get businesses on WP – and with so many at home thinking they can created a business online with WP there seems to be a huge increase of this sort of “commenters”. Some of them are pretty slow to get the message and keep reappearing- guess they have a lot of spare time on their hands, but they are not traditional bloggers that were once here.

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  5. I think unwanted adverts/spam should be against the law. Ow wait, it is. A 2003 US law makes it illegal to send unsolicited commercial mail. Of course as we all know, the US loves to pass laws but shuns at enforcing them. Especially if it means cutting off companies represented by a lobbyist.

    Somehow, I am not getting a lot of spam to my blog. That could be because I am not a large well known blog. Sadly, the more content you have, and the diversity, is picked up by search engines which these low-life spammers use to locate blogs that may have members that might be interested in their product/s.

    I despise spammers. They should all be locked away, and forced to listen to spam read to them.

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