‘Clearwater’: A Short Science Fiction Film

My friend Antony sent me a link to this 6-minute long sci-fi film on You Tube.

It is beautifully filmed; with some eye-popping visuals, and excellent special effects.

I am sure all the photographers out there will appreciate it too.

I recommend viewing it in ‘Full Screen’ mode.

40 thoughts on “‘Clearwater’: A Short Science Fiction Film

  1. What a beautiful location. Amazing close ups of the insect and the strange visuals of the creature. A great showcase for a young filmmaker. Thanks for sharing, Pete.

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      1. The location reminded me of a lovely glade in North Yorkshire that was used in a no-budget feature film, starring my lovely younger daughter, and in which I also had a part, and helped with the camera work, which I enjoyed as much as the acting! It has only ever been seen locally, and my friend, who directed and did most of the post-production [as well as writing all of the music], has no desire to release it commercially, which is a shame in a way, but I respect his wishes.

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