Our ‘Disco’ Toilet

The main light in our bathroom also operates a very noisy extractor fan. That runs for over ten minutes once activated, and can be very intrusive at night. So we had a motion-acitvated night light that provided sufficient illumination to use the toilet in the dark, but it was very easily activated just by walking past, and used the batteries up very quickly.

Then Julie spotted one of these for sale.
(They are very inexpensive)

Just put in two small batteries, and it is ready to go. It doesn’t get touched by any water during a flush, so is completely safe.

So we now have a ‘Dico light’ effect inside our toilet, albeit a very sedate disco.
(It looks a lot more colourful in real life)

52 thoughts on “Our ‘Disco’ Toilet

  1. (1) Disco toilet? How about a luau loo?
    (2) When I bought my house, I was annoyed by the wall switch that turned on both light and fan. So when I had ceiling fans installed in the bedroom (they no longer work), I had the electrician also make a separate switch for the bathroom light and fan.
    (3) Yankees don’t yank on chains anymore.
    (4) Women always get nervous around chains. Especially those on parole.
    (5) Note: Always remove disco light when anticipating a bout of explosive diarrhea.

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    1. I thought of having two switches, but the electrician would have needed to make a large hole in the ceiling to do that as the wiring is run ‘blind’. When we change the bathroom one day, we will have that fixed.
      Best wishes, Pete.

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  2. What fun! Given my age, I am lucky in that I need the toilet rarely during the night and, even though my eyesight is poorest in the dark, I’ve never bothered with a light; now, though, my bathroom is illuminated with a sort of phosphorescent green glow from the standby light of a new shower unit that has been fitted, courtesy of my landlord. I do like the disco toilet, though! Cheers, Jon.

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  3. Pete got a couple of things here….you have a You Tube Channel? Way cool. That fan here is called a “fart fan”……a little color in the loo would be very amusing unless one is tanked then it might freak…LOL chuq

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