Another Song In My Head

Regular readers will know that I recently had the song ‘I Wanna Be Like You’ stuck in my head. That took over two weeks to go away, and caused problems with concentration, and getting off to sleep too.

Then this morning I woke up with another Disney song playing on a loop, and felt sure it would ruin the Christmas festivities.

So I went to the woods in Beetley, and consulted the Beetley Wizard. After crossing his palm with a £1 coin, he told me what to do.

I had to share the song with exactly 7,047 other people. One of them would get the song transferred into their head instead, and I would be free!

So be warned. Don’t play this clip!

50 thoughts on “Another Song In My Head

  1. Like Fraggle, every time you mention Wichita in your serial, I hear Glen’s singing. Too bad Phin didn’t live near Phoenix, I like that song of Glen’s better. And now back to ‘Hey diddly dee, a stagehand’s life for me’.

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  2. Having discussed the Carpenters, my current earworm is “Yesterday Once More.” But I go from one earworm to another, and often “discover” that the music has been playing in my head while more consciously concentrating on other things. Inevitably, I’ll say, “Stop it! You’re going to wear it out!” And then…it comes right back again once I’m off my guard! And lasts for days… I haven’t seen “Pinocchio” since I was a very young child (the whale scene frightened me at the time). The Disney cartoon that had the most impact on me was “Beauty and the Beast” (1991). The opening song, ‘Belle,” is my favorite song from any Disney cartoon. I love the character of Belle, who lives in France and loves to read books.

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  3. It’s a mysterious process, getting an earworm. I find it doesn’t happen to me so often nowadays but my theory is that the brain is working on something and getting stuck so it gives us a little light music while we wait…

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  4. Thanks for the warning, Pete. To my horror (because I’m not a fan), I find myself singing all kind of terrible Christmas songs these days. Scary! Merry Christmas and let’s hope the 2021 is a bit better than 2020 (I don’t dare to bet on that, though). Take care!

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    1. News here is there will be a lockdown lasting until Easter next year. Looks like I might have to write off 2021 too, and have a lame birthday into the bargain!
      Best wishes, Pete.


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