A Foggy Day In Beetley Village

I woke up early this morning because rain was lashing against the windows in the bedroom. Not wanting to get out of bed just after six, I turned over and lay there listening to it until it stopped.

When I emerged, I was startled to see the garden shrouded in thick fog. It was like one of those ‘Victorian fogs’ popular with writers of mystery novels.

Ollie had to go out of course, but he didn’t like the look of the fog that made it hard to see the end of the garden. He slunk out reluctantly, creeping into the mist and disappearing behind the leylandii hedges, as is his habit.

By now, I can make out the house opposite, through the window of the office room. But I still can’t see much beyond that.

I have to say it all looks very ‘murky and lurky’, and I have little inclination to venture out.

38 thoughts on “A Foggy Day In Beetley Village

  1. I experienced the fog this morning. We did not have the rain lashing at the windows before. No, two hours earlier the skies were clear and one could star gaze. But it was cold after a week in 50 degrees F weather so fog was apparently inevitable today. Warmest regards, Theo

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  2. I can’t say I blame you, Pete. I lay in bed until 8 o’clock this morning as it was so gloomy out, and the rain is now lashing down, but no fog, thankfully. I’ll need to be up much earlier in the morning for my weekly shop, a day earlier than normal; it always seems like a pleasant precursor to the weekend, which I still recognise as different, even though I’ve effectively retired. The forecast is for it to get colder, so I think I’ll be firing up the wood burner this evening. Not unduly concerned whether it snows or not at the weekend: san fairy ann to me! πŸ˜‰ Cheers, Jon.

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  3. We had heavy rain overnight, I heard most of it as I nurse a cold and couldn’t get off to sleep. It was a real effort to go see the goats this morning. Although it did occur to me that it would normally be snow this time of year, so maybe I got off lightly πŸ™‚

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