For most of the last 20 hours, we have been enduring torential rain like I have never experienced in my life.

Relentless, drumming, pouring down, endless rain.

We have surely had sufficent rainfall in Beetley in less than one day to provide enough drinking water for the whole of England until the end of 2021.

But do you think they will bother to save it? You know the answer to that.

If you think I am exaggerating, then that’s because you cannot hear the volume of this precipitation. It is louder than the television, and any passing traffic. Invading even the thought process.

Everything is awash. Roads, pavements, paths, and no doubt more flooding in our beleagured outbuilding, which I cannot bear to investigate. The world is lost in a swirling maelstrom of rain. Driven by wind, it batters the walls and windows, swells the local river, and swamps the inadequate drainage in the local gutters and kerbs.

Some districts in Norfolk are literally under water.

I am beyond rage with this. If it is the true face of global warming, then just count me out of it all. I have truly had enough.

I have had my fill of this endless rain, and wish I could no longer be here to hear it.

I need to move to somewhere else.

Like the Sahara Desert.

In a couple of hours, it will be Christmas Eve. Forgive me if I am not feeling remotely festive.

48 thoughts on “ENOUGH!

  1. I know, you have more than a fair share of rain. I am wondering why we do not collect rain water ? very feasible and can be fiktered for even drinking. I hope to, if I ever do downsize as I have dreamed of for two years now. Of course most of the rain does seem to fall in Beetley! . . .ha! love Michele

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  2. Morning, Pete. Hailing here, and has been on & off for the last couple of hours or so, which made the country roads potentially slippery; in the soft town, they were just wet, of course. 😉 Shopping completed without incident. I don’t suppose a dry martini would lift your mood any? 😀 Cheers, and merry Christmas, Jon.

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  3. I hope it stops for you, Pete. We have freezing weather forecast, probably with fog. Before I came to Edinburgh the rambling rose in my garden was enjoying a second flush of blooms – definitely weird weather.

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  4. (1) “The world is lost in a swirling maelstrom of rain.” I remember bondly that someone once told Christmas Jones, “The world is not enough!”
    (2) Haven’t you always wanted to live in a houseboat?
    (3) It’s Queen Elizabeth’s rain. That’s why it’s a royal pain.
    (4) Doug tried to whet your appetite for the Mojave Desert, which extends into Southern Nevada. But if you move, be prepared to see a change in humor. After I moved here from the Midwest, where I had a corny sense of humor, I quickly developed a dry sense of humor.

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    1. When I moved here from the Midwest I was wet behind the ears.. now I am more prickly being in the desert having to dodge jack-a-lopes.. and evading flash floods, twice a year.

      I lived in Vegas for four years… then it dawned on me. So I left.

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  5. I hear you Pete! I just had to pay £4.50 at the launderette to dry laundry that had been on my washing lines in the back yard that had been rained on for weeks. It’s hardly stopped raining here up North about 4-5 weeks.

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  6. Well, it could be snow, I suppose. Santa can use a boat. 🙂 You should have come here for the holidays.. “here” meaning the Mohave Desert here in CA. Haven’t had rain in a couple months. Ollie would love all the new critters he could chase. But.. I think he’d have to spend time in a pet quarantine. I had a Lab as a pet when I was stationed in Iceland and I wanted to bring him back to the states.. but in those days it was a 6 month quarantine. I couldn’t do that to him.
    Stiff upper lip there, Pete.

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  7. I read your blogs. I’m sure you have readers a plenty… your stories are well written and readable…. your latest titled “enough” made me agree and say the following;
    You are a shadow of the Pete I knew, I’m not talking Christmas spirit, I mean, you do not seem in the least happy with life, save your relationship with the lovely Ollie.
    I hope you do something soon to make you happy. Aside from your stories, you sound fucking miserable. So, moan at me, or reflect on yourself…as a friend, I hope you at least stop and think… who am I? Where am I? And fucking do something about it before it’s too late. Don’t sit there and moan, fuck off if you’re as unhappy as you appear…

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    1. Hi Rupe. Great to hear from you.
      I suppose I am as happy as I can be. I don’t have to work, and my life is relatively comfortable. As you may discover when you are retired, the weather can affect your mood, your everyday life, and everything you do. It is very different from being at work, when the weather ‘just is what it is’. I hope you are living a great life, that you are happy in your job, and with your family. Make the best of what you have, and know that I only ever wish the very best for you, old friend.
      Best wishes, Pete.

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