Thermopylae: The True Story Of The 300 Spartans

I have just read a good article about the Greek stand at the pass in Thermopylae, and how they sacrificed many lives to delay the Persian invasion. That happened in 480 BC, over 400 years before anyone had ever heard of The Romans.

Although glamourised in the film ‘300’, the bravery of the real men involved is quite staggering, even now in 2020.

27 thoughts on “Thermopylae: The True Story Of The 300 Spartans

  1. The bravery of the Greeks notwithstanding, I find it very sad reading about these historical territorial disputes, which almost inevitably end bloodily; it is even sadder when I see how little we’ve learned in the intervening period. I watched yesterday evening a documentary I’d recorded from BBC4, about how Bruce Dickinson and one of the other musicians from Iron Maiden went to war-torn Sarajevo in 1994 to perform with local musicians, and I found their bravery very moving. The man is a legend. War is never the answer, but it always proves the saying “Insanity is thinking that you can do the same stupid thing again and get a different result.” Cheers, Jon.

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        1. It was a graphic novel before, with excellent illustrations. The film is very ‘over the top’, and quite violent of course. πŸ™‚ But enjoyable all the same.
          Best wishes, Pete. xx


    1. I think it is easier to make films when you ignore the reality, Lara. ‘300’ is not a terrible film, considering it was based on a graphic novel. But like most ‘historical’ films, it takes liberties that are unknown to most modern viewers.
      Best wishes, Pete.

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