The Modern Salonnière

Pippa has let us know the sad news of the death of Sarah Vernon. Accomplished actress and artist, and one of the cornerstones of our blogging community for many years. She published the sites Rogues and Vagabonds, First Night Design, First Night History, and First Night Art. One of the first bloggers I followed, and someone I am proud to say I counted as a good friend.


This is a post from 2013 dedicated to my great friend, Sarah Vernon, who died last week.

Through bad health and bad luck, Sarah’s acting career was cut short. Like many actors’ children, she could never be sure if she would have gone into the entertainment industry if her parents had not been actors. It wasn’t an industry for Sarah: it was a romance and an art. Being an actor wasn’t a job for Sarah: it was body and soul, an act of love uniting emotional aspiration with technical accomplishment, a child’s dream of perfection made real. Don’t put your daughter on the stage.

Sarah could have been a casualty of the devil’s profession, but she had a brain, a life-sustaining sense of humour, and other artistic and literary talents. She engaged in the present and the past with equal intellectual force, she was computer and internet savvy, and…

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46 thoughts on “The Modern Salonnière

      1. Like you, she was one of my first bloggers. I knew she had health issues, and she took a blogging break for a while. I was excited when she returned to her blog. It still seams surreal. Best to you, Pete.

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  1. Such sad news. I’ve also followed Sarah for quite a while, read about her career, and followed her move from Crete back to England and some of her health troubles. I had noticed she didn’t seem very active for a while but had reappeared briefly again.
    I loved her creations and gifted one to my mother, and it brings us both joy.
    She will be sorely missed. Thanks for letting us know, Pete. I had missed the news.

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  2. Sad news. I considered Sarah a friend, too, Pete. We ‘met’ when she followed my Goldfish blog about my dad and she was very supportive both in a blogging context and personally. She will be missed by many.

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    1. She had a lot of mobility issues, but got around well on her electric scooter after moving back from Crete. She emailed me to ask about your soaps, and was very interested in how they were good for my skin. Thanks, Eddy.
      Best wishes, Pete.

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