Bad Night/Bad Dream

I have written before about my vivid dreams. They are almost always easy to recall, usually interesting, at least to me, and on a few occasions, have managed to fascinate me.

Last night, I went to bed at a reasonable time, and settled down to sleep. It felt unusually warm for January, but I eventually got settled, and went to sleep. When the stormy wind began to increase in speed, I was disturbed by the noise of swirling leaves, and small twigs and branches falling outside. But after turning over a couple of times, I finally got back to sleep.

Some time later, I was aware of a presence in the room, close to my face. I opened my eyes to see a male figure leaning over the bed. Behind him were three others, two men, and a woman. They were illuminated in the pitch black darkness by a strange greenish-glow that seemed to be coming from below them on the floor.

I recognised them all.

The woman in the doorway was my mother. She died in 2012.

The man in front of her was my friend Steve Greenwood. He died in 1988.

Next to him was my dad’s older brother, Uncle Harry. I hadn’t seen him since the 1970s, and he has been dead for over thirty years.

By the bed was his son, my cousin Brian. I hadn’t seen him for over forty years. He was murdered by intruders in his home in Spain, over twenty years ago.

I felt unbearably hot, and threw the duvet off my body.

They all looked as I remembered them when I had last seen them, though their expressions were blank, and very scary. For some time, nobody spoke, including me. And then my mum said “We have come to fetch you”.

Then I woke up, feeling absolutely terrified, and shaking. I pressed the button on my tablet to check the time, and it was 03:17. That time has no significance that I know of.

It took me well over an hour to get back to sleep, as I was actually frightened to close my eyes.

That was one dream I never want to have again.

96 thoughts on “Bad Night/Bad Dream

  1. That sounds horrible Pete, I’m not surprised it has troubled you. I work with with a very experienced psychotherapist and she maintains that dreams very rarely mean what they are about if that makes sense. We talk about dreams in work quite often and I’m sure if she knew you and anything you are working through in real life, there may well be a connection. I can see it in my own dreams now e.g. I dream that I’m doing accounts and it’s a new file system and things aren’t quite right and don’t fit. Interpretation is that I am doing too much and juggling plates to try to fit everything in at the mo e.g. mum, daughter, carer, worker, cleaner, cook, friend etc. I’m of the belief that dreams help you process things subconsciously that you may have issues doing while conscious. I hope you get a better nights sleep tonight.

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    1. It was very upsetting, as my dreams are usually interesting, or unusual. Never scary like that one. It troubled my mind all day yesterday, but I did manage to get some sleep last night.
      Best wishes, Pete.

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  2. From near death experiencers, Pete, they say we often meet with our departed relatives before we pass and die. Not that you are about to pass, NO! But it is a comfort to be met by relatives when we are moving to the other side…
    The dead visit us in dreams because they know we can see them and not be afraid.
    This was not a dream. They came to see you.
    It should be a comfort. Thank them.
    They will be back for you when it is your time.

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    1. Thanks, Lara. It would have been a comfort indeed, if they hadn’t been in that green glow, and having blank expressions on their faces. It scared me a great deal.
      But I will think about what you say. x
      Best wishes, Pete.

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  3. Wow! My dreams are usually weird but that is just creepy! I had one the other night about a woman who killed her kids and husband, and there were some ghosts, a suspicious mailman, and a possible affair with a lawyer. Anyway, I wonder what your subconscious is trying to tell you. I know a lot of people have been having nightmares since this pandemic started.

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  4. Hi Pete! In Islam, when we have a weird dream that feels scary, we do not discuss it for people tend to give explanations. We rather put out a small amount of money (sometimes less than a dollar) and give it to someone needy. It is called Sadqa. We beIieve that small acts of mercy takes away anything bad in the near future.

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  5. Scary dreams do have a way of hanging about the next day, as do sad ones. Well at least if they really had come to fetch you, you would have been in good company. Better to be fetched by Mum and friends than some evil entity!

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  6. I am sorry to hear you had such a bad dream, Pete. I have had a few dreams like this. I dreamed I was in a hotel, the night before we went away. Armed attackers came into the hotel and murdered the owner. I also woke up in a cold sweat with that horrible fearful churning in my stomach. During our stay at this hotel, I learned that the father of the current owner had been murdered in the hotel by armed attackers. So weird.

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  7. Yikes, I have only twice in my life had really scary dreams, one of which was when my mother fell off a cliff path in front of me….she was still alive at the time, miles away…I was pleased when I woke up from that one

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  8. How frightening Pete! I can’t imagine going back to sleep after that sort of dream? I would stay up and watch It’s a Wonderful Life. Goodness. Glad that was only your brain processing that sauce you made! Ha! Hope you sleep peacefully tonight. C

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    1. It was not my first ever nightmare, but the first for some years. And the only one to feature relatives and friends in that situation. I didn’t like it at all, Cheryl! It left me with a real sense of foreboding.
      Best wishes, Pete.

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      1. I feel that foreboding Pete, but I want to believe you are processing other worries or fears? COVID and the idea of becoming infected has tampered with many peoples dreams. That was a traumatizing experience, wishing you comfort and peace, C

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