A moving tribute to my great blogging friend, Sarah Vernon.


A memorial to Sarah Vernon compiled by her closest friends.

Sarah in 2008

Sarah Vernon had, to use her own phrase, “a passion for theatre”.

Like many actors’ children, she could never be sure if she would have gone into the entertainment industry if her parents, Richard Vernon and Benedicta Leigh, had not been in the profession.

It wasn’t an industry or a job for Sarah: it was a romance and a calling. Being an actor was her body and soul, an act of love uniting emotional longing with technical accomplishment, a child’s dream of perfection made real.

Her performing career was cut short by the progression of a rare autoimmune disease. Her contribution to promoting the importance, and fun, of theatre in everyday life was far more than a list of credits could represent.

She trained, and made lasting friendships, at Webber Douglas Academy of Dramatic Art from 1975-78…

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23 thoughts on “A PASSION FOR THEATRE

  1. Thank you for sharing Pippa’s lovely tribute to Sarah. I am sad, as she was a dear blogging friend, yet I realize there was so much about Sarah I didn’t know. She had a full life. She was a giver, with the positive outlook everyone should have. Boy, it is hard when we loose a beloved member of our blogging community.

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  2. I was amazed by how well written—and how thorough in its content—this loving memorial to Sarah Vernon was. Wouldn’t be nice if there could be a piece like this written about all us after our unfortunate passing? Most people will get nothing more than a couple of cookie cutter lines in a newspaper’s obituary section. And nobody will read them except for maybe a handful of surviving friends and family members.

    There is a scene in a favorite French film of mine, “37°2 le matin” (“Betty Blue'”) where Eddy, after the death of his mother, comments that all that’s left of her are a few photos. Of course, there are memories, but they are ephemeral, and once they’re gone, the photos will be worthless.

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  3. I shared the tribute on Facebook. Sarah was a great supporter and follower of my blogs and a lovely friend. She’s going to be greatly missed by many in the blogging world. I have some of the beautiful cushion covers she designed.

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    1. She was one of the first bloggers I followed. An accomplished actress, the daughter of the British actor Richard Vernon, who you would recognise if you Google him. She published 4 blogs on a regular basis, and also sold her own artwork. A sad loss, at a young age.
      Best wishes, Pete.

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  4. I didn’t know about this, and am so very sorry to hear it. Sarah was absolutely lovely. I visited her on the IOW about 4 years ago when she was in hospital….but even so we had some wonderful time together. Thank you……Janet

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