43 thoughts on “Dogs

  1. Well that took me down a rabbit hole. I clicked in the article and then saw the bit about Andrew Coulter, clicked on it and read the article about him, clicked on the link to his twitter page as I hadn’t saw any of his videos in a while and then a link to Youtube which has them all lol.
    I get it 100%. We have a greyhound called Rocky who is now 12 and a half. He was got with the purpose of training him as James assistance dog (I got training with dogs for the disabled for this) He was doing so well but then after a year took meningitis and he’s been in retirement ever since. Vet didn’t expect him to live as long as he has after the meningitis but he’s still with us thankfully. We have had a few scares this past year. The last one being a couple of weeks ago when he decided that he would eat onion rings that James left in his room. 2 overnight stays at the vets later, he’s home again and I know everyday we get closer to that time as he has doggy dementia. Dread to think of how we will take it. It was hard enough not having him in the house a couple of weeks ago.

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  2. I don’t have a dog for a couple of reasons. But it’s not because I don’t like them, and it’s not because I don’t want to have one. I envy people who have a dog. Heck, I even envy those who have a cat or any animal companion of some kind. I enjoyed the article very much. Alas, it’s just not possible.

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