Wombat Poo

Wombats look really cute. It’s a shame that we don’t have them in Britain, so I have only ever seen them in photos, or on television.

But did you know that they have square poo?
(If you are Australian, you have to disqualify yourself from answering.)

Today, I bring you the answer to a question that you never thought you would ask.

“Why do wombats have square poo?”

You can thank me later.

38 thoughts on “Wombat Poo

  1. Lol Thank you for this very interesting information, Pete! As i remember somewhere in this area are wild cats eating unripe coffee beans. Some people love to collect the beans after they came back to public, and love brewing luxury coffee of it. :-)) Will you try with Ollie? A new business could be established, and Beetley would become worldknown. πŸ˜‰ Michael

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      1. My brother in law has a young wombat he is rearing , (in the wild) feeds it occasionally and gives it medication. He also has kangaroos that come up for food occasionally, an echidna, plenty of possums and a 2 metre brown snake called Melissa that lives under his house. Lots of birds come in for seed etc across the seasons. He is up in the foothills of the Victorian Alps.

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  2. Ahh…that’s funny…especially that bit about the previous speculation that the wombats “patted” it in shape. HA! A whole new take on patty cake, patty cake. HA! Thanks for the info, Pete. Seriously. It may come up in trivia, like Jeopardy or Who Wants to be a Millionaire…and it makes for good AFTER dinner conversation.

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  3. (1) There once was a wombat named Sisyphus…
    (2) The researchers got it wrong. Wombats invented square poo because they make great pillows.
    (3) I’ve never seen a wombat, but they’ve been spying on me for years.
    (4a) Cowboys dig horses. Wombats dig burros. However, I’ve never seen a wombat riding a burro.
    (4b) Overheard:
    Wombat #1: Look, I just made a perfect ball of poo!
    Wombat #2: What an ass!
    (5) Did you hear the one about the pony that couldn’t bear to be constipated? After his final effort, which was successful, he became known as Whinny the Poo.
    (6) “Be there or be square,” said a wombat never.
    (7) Did you hear the one about the little wombat who created square poo in different colors? Chiclets took him to court!

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