Favourite months

With gales blowing outside, and the local river overflowing its banks, I felt it was a good time to reblog this 2012 post about my favourite months. Only one reader left a like and comment at the time, so it should be new to most of you.


Tomorrow is the first of September, and I always look forward to its arrival. It heralds the end of the summer, and the start of autumn, and is one of my two favourite months, the other being March. This is mainly because March is the month of my birthday, and because it is the end of the winter. I have always enjoyed my birthday. It is personal, unlike Christmas, which is for everyone.

I have always felt that March was a good time to celebrate a birthday. The weather can be surprisingly good sometimes, so it is possible to plan a nice day out, to celebrate. It is far enough away from December, so not caught up in the festive hangover, and equally unaffected by the summer rush for outdoor activities. In England, most places of interest or traditional seaside tourist spots are still closed up, awaiting the season.


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26 thoughts on “Favourite months

  1. I enjoyed reading your perspective. March here in New England is the ugly old remnants of snow and weeks of mud (I’m not looking forward to next month.). Everyone is sick of the long winter. September is glorious with perfect weather and stunning foliage. I wish I could ‘like’ or comment on your original post, but WP won’t let me do it unless I change my browser. Please know that I do read everything! Best to you, Pete.

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  2. (1) My favorite month is October, as the sun finally begins to give us desert folk a break from the intense heat.
    (2) I don’t beware the Ides of March because by that time the sun has finally decided to stick around a while, allowing us desert hikers to get in a full day of tiptoeing through the cactus.

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  3. As a child, I loved October and June. October, because of the holidays coming up and growing up in New England, walking through and jumping in big piles of leaves, smelling apples and the smoke from people’s fireplaces. June, because it was warm, yet not overly so, the flowers were out, and school was almost over. Now living in AL things are a bit different weather-wise, but I still have a fondness for those two months.

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  4. September is my favorite too for all the reasons you mention, plus it’s my birthday month! Not so sure about March. Even though it heralds spring I still think of it as gray and gloomy. Our favorite travel times have always been May and September so maybe May is my second favorite, though each month has something to offer. πŸ™‚

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    1. My first wife had to go back to her teaching job every September, so we always holidayed in August, the worst time. Once we had split up, I changed to September, and have gone away in that month ever since.
      Best wishes, Pete.

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  5. I think your chosen months are an interesting pair and understandable. Fall is most people’s favorite season. September in England I imagine is quiet and lovely. March is iffy, like it can’t decide what season it’s in. One day snowing, the next rain, the next a sunny day that coaxes one outside. Being on an academic calendar, in the US, our summer break begins earlier than UK schools. June is my favorite. My least favorite month is August. Too hot. Back to work. No more traveling. It is a long, hot month. I feel like the hard part of the year is over when September rolls around.

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