A Significant Time?

Last month, I wrote about a very bad dream I had.

I had checked the time when I woke up that night. It was 03:17, but that was of no significance to me then.

Last night, I went to bed quite early. I did not have a bad dream, but woke up feeling unusually hot. So hot in fact, that I threw off the duvet and sat up. The room is usually quite cold in the early hours, as there is no heating on until I get up in the morning. But last night it felt like midsummer.

I opened my Tablet to check the time. 03:17.

Now I am wondering if I should start to be concerned.

50 thoughts on “A Significant Time?

  1. too many variables to assess overall, in this share/history, to say whether you should be concerned or not – in my world – – on stuff like this? I always return to long ago, country doc viewpoint to treat myself – “either it will get worse or it will get better – I’ll know to ask for help when it gets worse” or “hm….did I turn up the heat today when that storm blew in and the temp dropped and forgot to turn it down before I went to bed” all the way up to “OMG! I”m dying! My subconcious is trying to TELL me something – – ” and at end of the day? For me? Easier overall to say, “If I die I die – do I have my affairs in order?” and …well – – check the thermostat – I can’t sleep when it’s hot – – LOL

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    1. Thanks, TamrahJo.
      The heating had been off for some time before I went to bed, so feeling hot remains unexplained. Perhaps the best thing to come out of this 03:17 thing is that it will provide the basis of a new fiction serial.
      Best wishes, Pete.

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  2. We had an old television show here in the United States called “The Twilight Zone.” I’m betting you’ve never seen it, but this could have been one of the episodes.

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  3. That is interesting, if I wake up it’s always sometime in the three o’clock hour and then I fight to go back to sleep! It’s odd that the time is exact? It could be a message? Bible verse, code, date, address? Hum…C

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  4. I watched an old Italian horror film some time ago in which the female protagonist wakes up in the middle of the night at precisely the same time. I can’t remember the name of the film, but the woman is aware of the events of each day relived, and strives to change the outcome. A lot of time loop films have been made since then (e.g., “Groundhog Day”). Perhaps you can write a horror serial? .

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  5. That is weird but I’m not sure what you’d worry about. My tactic is to write these things in my diary and then look back to see if I can discern a pattern. Perhaps the brain is trying to tell you something and you need to pay attention. In any case worrying doesn’t help

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