Tech Help Required For A Blogger: Kindle Books

The lovely Dani has had a recent disaster, losing the books in her huge Kindle library.
She needs help to recover them, and I am hopeless. Here is her question, if you can help her.

I have a Kindle Fire and had all my books in my cloud and the Send to Kindle section but my 5 year old son grabbed my tablet and said he wanted to take a picture with it… Well I grabbed it right back and I noticed my Kindle books disappeared inthe main library and then went to the cloud and they were gone too! I mean, hallelujah freaking monkey balls, I was freaking out! About 5,000 books in my regular Kindle library which I am not going to lie that most of them were free ones I got over the years but didn’t change my love for them!!❤ but my review/mobi file books from NetGalley, authors,and publishers were GONE! Okay so they weren’t totally gone, I went into the Amazon app and found them under Device Content but here’s the problem, I wanted all my books back to their proper place but once I started checking books off to get them back where they should be but when I selected a page worth they would all get sent to download and I didn’t have enough space for just 50 or so booksand wouldn’t let me archive the books so that they were there just not downloaded. Also it doesn’t just show the whole name of book or which I ne came from the cloud so it’s been impossible to find a way to get all of them back in the library where they belong! Do any of you good folks have any advice on how to deal with this? I contacted Amazon Support for Fire and was no help at all! So any tips or help would be so much appreciated so I can go through and get these reviews popping and back to where they belong!

If you can help, please leave a comment on her blog post.
Here’s the link.

Sorry For My Absence, A Question & An Update

Thanks in advance, Pete.

38 thoughts on “Tech Help Required For A Blogger: Kindle Books

      1. You’re right, Pete definitely not enough space especially when I already have 100s of physical books from over the years and they take up too much space but yeah all the digital copies I have been sent for review are all mixed within the 5k books of madness! Hallelujah Freaking Monkey Balls, indeed!
        P.S. Pete, I am sorry for blowing up your notifications, my friend. I declare you are an amazing friend.😍

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    1. Hey there, Stevie! Thanks for your advice! I have tried this area but am unable to read or see which ones are my review copies and can only download a few at a time then it takes up all the space and you can’t undownload and send them to the cloud them so you can download more. And with over 5k books, it’s a big mess! Also tried Amazon tech department and they were no help at all, unfortunately.

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    1. Hi PJ,
      Having a huge digital library myself these things can happen. And it has to me!
      So, a suggestion and then a long term solution:
      1/ if she has any file record (in any digital format) of her titles she can run that file thru a reformatting programme (such as Calibre) and can recreate the book. This is painstaking for 5k of books as each title must be uploaded and formatted; but the system will allow bundles of up to 10 titles at a time to be reformatted – slow! But that’s the price for getting them back.

      And long term: back up the reinstated titles on a hard drive so there is a hard (digital) copy at home and not in a ‘cloud’.

      Hope that helps.

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      1. Thanks so much for your help, Julian!😀 I was hoping that doing it 10 titles at a time wasn’t the only way.😔 It’s been very difficult and haven’t been able to undownload the content so it’s just in the library. Then because you can’t undownload it you can’t download the other books! It’s really a disaster and all the titles in the device content can’t even be fully read so I can’t even separate which ones are .my review copies! Smh. I have no idea about recalibrating or anything but will look into it. I appreciate your advice and it’s nice to meet you, Julian.😊

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