The Healing Process

One of the most irritating things I have noticed about geting older, is how long minor wounds take to heal. It seems like only recently that I could cut myself, stick a plaster (Translation: Band Aid) on it, and the following day it was back to normal.

But then I retired. And soon after that, I got old.

In November, I wrote on this blog about receiving unseasonal mosquito/midge bites. I admit, I did scratch them. One in particular remained itchy for so long, I scratched it until it bled. Then that scabbed over, but stayed itchy. I left it alone, but to my amazement, the tiny ‘wound’ that I caused at the time has still not healed over completely on my scalp.

At the beginning of January, I was opening an envelope, and got a paper cut on my right index finger. Strange how painful such things can be. It is now the 11th of February, and that cut has not fully healed. If I am cooking using something like onions or garlic, that juice gets into the cut, and it’s an “Ouch” from me.

Three weeks ago, I was heating up something in the microwave, using a large glass bowl. (I think it was fresh mussells, but not sure) As I removed the bowl from the machine, the glass rim scalded my right forearm on the underside. I managed not to drop the bowl, but the three-inch long injury was very painful. Still, I was an EMT, so I knew what to do. Let the cold tap run slowly, and place my arm under it until the wound cooled down. Job done.

Three weeks later, I can still see the red mark. If I catch it, or touch it, it is still painful.

Getting old is not much fun, I can tell you.

53 thoughts on “The Healing Process

  1. I am sorry, for the injuries you had, Pete! But do you really think its a result of getting older? I think its something like carefreeness, one is getting also on vacations, or out of the daily routine, practised over decades. Dont worry, you are not old! Best wishes, Michael

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  2. True ! Getting old physically is not fun ! But it is so damn odd to be in a young crowd and join their conversation, it is so silly and so not grown up topics !! ๐Ÿ™‚ so growing wise is lot of fun but we do have to take the physical growth pains !! But its worth it – dont you think so !

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  3. If the Brexit parcel problem is solved by the time you need some more soaps then I’ll put in a salve that Gosia is making. It contains propolis and after using it earlier in the winter after getting a few cuts I was amazed how quickly they cleared up. Something like this

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  4. Paper thin skin – noo… – next thing we know having the district nurse round to apply manuka honey on our ulcers – or worse still maggots. Last summer ( remember there was sunshine and too much sun makes my skin itchy these days ) I was absentmindedly rubbing my leg, later on I noticed had actually rubbed the skin off my shin!

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  5. Know exactly what you are talking about Pete. After my second stint in the hospital (I was discharged the day after Thanksgiving here) and the better part of 2 months in bed, I had developed a bed sore on my butt.


    I have been visiting a wound care doc first twice a week, now once. I also had a visiting nurse every 3 days to change the bandage since I couldn’t even see the wound, let alone bandage it. It got so bad the doc obtained approval for skin grafts. Luckily I didn’t need them.

    In any case it took over 2 months to heal and I’m probably on my last visit to wound doc tomorrow.

    Best regards

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  6. Augh! Paper cuts…they hurt like hell! Some salt and lemon will heal up though. Maybe cook a little fish tonight? Ha! Seriously, I know what you mean. My skin is getting thinner and more susceptible to injury. If only we could keep the resilience of youth as we gain the wisdom of “older” age, but it’s not meant to be. Sucks.

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  7. (1) Overheard: “I went to the local pub, and got Band-Aided.”
    (2) I’m pretty sure that Jeremy Irons, Juliette Binoche, and Miranda Richardson starred in a film called “Damn Midge!”
    (3) You think your itch lasted a long time? Tom Ewell suffered from a seven year itch!
    (4) I wrote a dissertation on digital media. One my readers told me, “This paper don’t cut it.”
    (5) Today’s Q&A:
    Q. “What do you call a large glass bowl?”
    A. “A casserole. That’s what it’s scald.”

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  8. Funny Iโ€™ve noticed changes in healing patterns as I get older. Any cuts or scabs I have now changed to patches of eczema. Mentioned it to my GP and they arenโ€™t overly concerned. It goes away eventually. The joys of getting older may mean additional wisdom and life experience but it comes at a price.

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