Birthday Boy!

On this day in 2012, Ollie was born in the house next door. Today is his ninth birthday, quite old for his breed.

But as you will have seen from his recent video appearances, he is still lively, and enjoying his walks.

2020 saw the loss of his mother, Molly. Then later in the year, his sister Milly died. He didn’t know of course, so was spared any sense of loss.

Today he received two new soft toys as birthday presents. A Crocodile, and a Sheep. With his dinner later, he will get an extra bonus of a large smoked sausage.

I hope my best friend and constant companion will be around for a long time to come.

92 thoughts on “Birthday Boy!

  1. Happy birthday, Ollie! Sorry i am late with my wishes. Maybe you are even the eldest four-legged citizens of Beetily! Pete should call the mayor, for a medail of honour. :-)) You are the only real watchdog looking for a Frenchmen invasion. :-)) Michael

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  2. Belated birthday wishes to Ollie I am guessing with the care and love you give him and exercise he will live to a ripe old age …another one for you moderate thanx to WP…SIGH


  3. Happy birthday, Ollie! Your post – photos and words – warms my heart. I hope he liked his crocodile and sheep, and his sausage. And yes, I hope your BF and constant companion will be around for a long time. Best to you, Pete, and hugs to Ollie.

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  4. Happy Valentine’s Day! To Pete, Julie, Ollie and all of the members of Pete’s Tribe!
    Thanks for sharing the pix of you and Ollie. I think this is the first time I’ve ever seen you. You kind of remind me of Anthony Hopkins — very distinguished — but with a more open face. Everyone have a fine day!

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    1. Hi, Mona. I have been compared to Anthony Hopkins in the past. Also The actors Bob Hoskins, and Steven Berkoff.
      I once signed a theatre programme for two people who had just watched Berkoff in a play, and were convinced I was him! πŸ™‚ I must admit, I can see the resemblance, though he is somewhat older than me. (14 years older in fact.)
      My own photo has been on my ‘About’ page for many years. You just never noticed. πŸ™‚
      Best wishes, Pete.


  5. HAPPY BELATED BIRTHDAY, dear Ollie! Many happy returns, may you still have many good years together. At this stage, every day is precious.
    So lovely to see him in the snow!! πŸ™‚ WE want more films, please!
    Best wishes, Dina

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  6. (1) Will Ollie be dressed to the nines for his birthday party?
    (2) I’m glad Ollie is doing so well at his age. You must be on cloud nine!
    (3) Ollie’s lucky to have you, Pete. When it comes to love and care, you truly go the whole nine yards.

    Ollie-lujah! It’s Ollie’s 9th Birthday!

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      1. *whispering* I’m actually the large ape, but don’t tell anyone else, it might make them nervous 🦍 – I’d love to come over and play with you, but the Government rules mean I’m not allowed to travel from Hereford to Beetley, or anywhere else at present πŸ˜•

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