A Surprise Gift!

A parcel courier has just delivered something for me. I wasn’t expecting anything, so opened it with curiosity.

Inside is a box containing a pair of elasticated metal grips for fastening to walking shoes or boots in icy weather.

I have to conclude that a blogging friend or reader has sent them to me, after I wrote about finding it hard to walk on the ice here.

As there is no card or sender’s address, they have chosen to remain anonymous.

So I send my sincere thanks and appreciation to whoever it was that sent them. They will certainly be useful during the next spell of bad weather.

60 thoughts on “A Surprise Gift!

  1. What a fabulous gift!

    Even though posted from the UK, it really could be from anywhere, though. I had something like that happen with a book gift to a friend in Australia just this Christmas: Iβ€˜d also given her a gift card for the same (Australian) store – order placed online, of course – and since Iβ€˜d included a message, Iβ€˜d been sure theyβ€˜d send that message with the gift card email as well as the book gift. When she posted about the book gift as an β€žanonymousβ€œ one, I realized the store had failed to do so … and responded to clear up the mystery.

    Your giver may be choosing to remain anonymous, but the posting location as such may not necessarily be a clue … other than to the fact that the sender knows where to obtain the right stuff in the UK! πŸ™‚

    Anyway, it really is a lovely gift. Iβ€˜m happy for you β€” and for Olly!

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  2. AWESOME!!!! THIS – right here! Is a tale I’ll truck out, over and over, on the power of ‘random acts of kindness” – THAT doesn’t all require a publicist/press release – for the ‘gifter’ to ‘be okay with doing’ – – Glad you got some tools for ice walking – but even MORE heartened that you received such a gift AND will most likely NEVER know, for sure, where it came from! Things like this restore my faith in humanity…so, Saying MY Thanks, too – to you for posting AND to the anonymous gifter – – from my own little personal perspective – over it all! πŸ™‚ “May you walk confidently and never slip and bust your backend (keister?)

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      1. Um….Fantabulous? Seriously, I do not wish to violate copyright laws! πŸ˜€ But my first car was front wheel drive tiny thing, that I carried burlap feed bags in my ‘trunk kit’ to get traction in mud, snow, ice, slick conditions – and….when caught in heavy (sorta) mud – – four of the local males who were on the Football team could each take a corner and just lift it out of the mud and onto the drier space a foot away – – LOL – – Oh– wait – – that’s a story I should have shared on another one of your blog posts – – sorry! I was reading/engaging and got phone calls from neighbors and lost track of ‘which post I was engaging on” – but to me? Gift, T-Shirt, a push out of the ice/snow drift, a kind word when we are in store checkout, while our world is falling apart? etc.? All the FANTABULOUS, things, somethings, we often receive, day in day out and don’t truly appreciate until much later – but hey! You are appreciating them quickly after they happen! Which – I – Personally – Also- Think – IS Fantabulous!

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  3. It’s lovely. I did buy a set when I was in the UK but never got to use them before I left and didn’t bring them with me (I’m unlikely to need them for everyday circumstances). Perhaps a secret admirer, I agree! Enjoy, Pete!

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        1. I already follow 112 blogs, so cannot take on any more. And you cannot really expect everyione you follow in the blogging world to follow back, Sudarshan. Many of us have been blogging for so long, we have reached the maximum we can cope with. It is nothing personal, I assure you.
          Best wishes, Pete.

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