My Bundle Of Joy: Part Thirty-Two

This is the thirty-second part of a fiction serial, in 733 words.

My mum was surprisingly sympathetic, though she didn’t try to hide her pleasure at being right about Olly. “I always knew he would turn out like this. One of those too good to be true types”. She even held Leah on her lap for a while, as dad outlined a plan that they had been discussing before I got there.

“The thing is, love. Let me put it like this. Olly might be saying all that now about paying for everything, and letting you stay on in the house. But what about later on? Who’s to say he won’t change his mind, or that Lauren won’t interfere? So, we had a thought. Your mortgage is small, so you said. I have good savings, and we have never touched your mum’s redundancy money. Why not buy Olly out? Offer him the amount left on the mortgage to give up his share. That will save him money every month, and make him more likely to pay for Leah. If you sold the house, you would have to rent, as you’re not working. And he could only morally claim one-third, as the rest should go to you and Leah”.

To be honest, I was staggered. Not by my dad, as I knew he was generous. But by the fact that my mum was going along with it, and nodding enthusiastically. Dad continued.

“Get the house in your sole name, and then Leah will eventually inherit it. Of course you will get something when we are both dead and this place is sold, but that could be in thirty years or so, and if we have to go into a home there would be nothing left. Either way, you would have to split it with Ronnie. I can get a pal of mine from The Round Table to do the legal paperwork. All Olly would have to do is sign it, then we’ll get the deeds and title amended. What do you think, love?”

There was nothing in my head to say in reply, so I stood up and cuddled and kissed my dad, then walked over and did the same with mum. I didn’t even say ‘Thank You’, just nodded and let the tears of relief roll down my face.

Mum was trying to interest Leah in some face-pulling and silly noises she was making. I never remembered her ever doing that with me, or with Ronnie. I wanted to allow myself the luxury of believing that she had finally come round to accepting her granddaughter, but I couldn’t let my guard down completely. Not yet. Then she turned around and spoke directly to me. “Angela, just because I don’t say it all the time, or make a silly fuss of you, it doesn’t mean that I don’t love you and Leah with all my heart”.

That was it. The dam broke, and I sobbed uncontrollably. My dad was holding me awkwardly, probably wondering if I was going to have a breakdown.

Dad told me not to say anything to Olly. “Let him get the legal papers first. He’s bound to contact you, then you can tell him you think it’s the right thing to do. If he says no, we can tie him up in all kinds of legal shit that will haunt him forever. Believe me love, I am not about to let him get away with so much as a penny, if I have to make it my life’s work. Well, the rest of my life’s work, to be accurate”.

That afternoon, I learned a lot about what it means to be a parent. And I never forgot it.

Back at the house after dark, it felt strange to see Olly’s keys on the doormat, and to know that he wouldn’t be coming home later. Or ever again. The big TV was gone, and though I presumed Lauren had a telly, and he probably didn’t need it, I couldn’t have cared less. The third bedroom looked strangely empty. The desk, computer, and printer had all gone, and the two bookcases were almost empty. Save for the few books I owned that he had left behind. I started to think about using it as a dressing room. Get some hanging rails in there, free up space in the bedroom.

That felt good inside. I was moving on, and quicker than I had thought possible.

29 thoughts on “My Bundle Of Joy: Part Thirty-Two

  1. Now all the sad things needs to be discussed. Really great she has the assistance of mom and dad. Moms always knowing the truth. They had it known before the marriage. 😉 Another great episode, not as sad as i meant it would come. Michael

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  2. I’m so pleased with her Mum and Dad, finally she’s not in this alone. I wonder if Olly realizes all that he has given up? Angela’s a treasure and so is there child. What could this other woman possibly have to offer? Life moves in strange ways…C

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    1. My first wife changed her mind, and came to see me in my new house just over a year after she had initiated our split. She talked about us selling both houses, and moving away somewhere completely different to start again. It was a fairly attractive proposition both emotionally and financially, but she was staggered to discover that I was living with a 22 year-old nurse who was at work when she came to visit.
      That changed her mind in a heartbeat.
      Best wishes, Pete.

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  3. I didn’t think the mother had it in here. Of course, she had to be right first. I’m interested in Olly’s reaction to the house proposal.

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  4. (1) “I always knew he would turn out like this. One of those too good to be true types!” (Lauren, after a disappointing night in the sack with Olly)
    (2) “We have never touched your mum’s redundancy money.” They decided to avoid prison by not spending mum’s counterfeit bills. (“We’re gonna need a better photocopier!”)
    (3) Overheard:
    — “Get the house in your Sole name!” (SpongeBob SquarePants)
    — “Get the house in your Soul name!” (Smokey Robinson)
    — “Get the house in your Seoul name!” (South Korean)
    (4) Bad citation: “Of course you will get something when we are both dead. But we have to urn the ashes before you get them.”
    (5a) Bad citation: “I can get a pal of mine from The Round Table to do the legal paperwork. He’s a Connecticut Yankee named Hank Morgan—a distinguished member of King Arthur’s court.”
    (5b) All Ollie has to do is sign the paperwork in order to inherit the Beetley estate.
    (6) Angela tried to interest Leah in some face-pulling. “I’ll provide the hooks, and Olly will provide the face.” #HellraiserBaby
    (7) Overheard:
    Lake Mead: “The dam broke, and I sobbed uncontrollably.”
    Hoover Dam: “I warned you! Tell a stupid joke, and I’m liable to crack up!”
    (8) Did you hear about the couple whose plumber caused the toilet to overflow? They demanded he fix the problem free of charge. “If he says no, we can tie him up in all kinds of legal shit that will haunt him forever.”

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