More Help For New Bloggers

My recent post about blogging proved to be incredibly popular. It is the most-read post on my blog this month, and attracted a lot of very kind comments from new bloggers who took the time and trouble to let me know that it was useful for them.

It also generated a large number of new followers to my blog, which was very gratifying.

Thank you.

However, so many of them have no direct link to their blog. This means I cannot go to their blog, read a post, and thank them. They did all have Gravatars though, either photos or images they have chosen, or generic ones. But they neglected to link their blog to that, in most cases.

So once again, I am posting about how to do this. If you don’t do it, nobody will find your blog, remember that.

It’s important!

On this 2019 post from my blog is a link to a basic WordPress tutorial that shows you how to do it.

23 thoughts on “More Help For New Bloggers

  1. Thank you Pete for these advices. I am not wondering about the response, because its too easy to forget the handling of Best wishes, Michael
    Sorry, i am again late! I hope you and “the whole house” are well and you all are staying save!!

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  2. Actually, there is a way to find a link to a follower. You click on the notifications thing (shaped like a bell) in the upper right corner. Then you click on the Follows tab. You should see [name of blog] and [number] others followed your blog. If you click on that most recent follower, you get a list of recent followers. Clicking on their name or the name of their blog should take you there.

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