Another Change In The Weather

It was only recently I was writing about ice and snow during days of very cold weather that was some of the coldest recorded for over 25 years.

Then it started to warm up. Here in Beetley, we went from -11C to +4C overnight. The snow started to melt, and it continued to get warmer.

Today it was +12C, a massive difference in temperature in such a short space of time.

Is it any wonder we English talk about the weather so much?

For me, wth that sudden change came the symptoms of a heavy cold. Fuzzy head, runny nose, streaming eyes, and endless heavy sneezing. It is almost one o’clock in the morning, and I would like to go to bed. But I can’t stop my eyes watering for long enough to lie down and rest properly.

So if my fiction serial episodes don’t appear over the weekend, or I don’t reply to comments or leave any on your posts, you will know why.

47 thoughts on “Another Change In The Weather

  1. Pete, I flew from Chicago to Los Angeles once. the change in temperature was 94 degrees! It was -8 in Chicago and 86 in LA…at least I was going the right direction…sorry that change has knocked you down a bit!

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  2. Our weather is silly…..just yesterday it was 19 and by Sunday we will be close to 70…..some say this type of climate could last a couple of years…..hope you feel better….stay safe chuq

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    1. Thanks, Lauren. That was a huge change in just 24 hours. I went from freezing cold to feeling uncomfortably hot in such a short time, I suspect that might be why I ended up with these symptoms.
      Best wishes, Pete.

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  3. The Common Cold is such a miserable thing! I wish you were here in sunny and warm Las Vegas. The weather would do you some good. That not being possible, I hope you can endure the misery for the next several days until your health begins to return. Don’t worry about the blog. We’ll survive!

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