Thinking Aloud On a Sunday

Fever Dream.

Whatever was ailing me yesterday seems to have gone away overnight. Though it was uncomfortably warm here last night for February. I woke up late, in the middle of a dream that had disturbed me so much, I thought it was still ‘happening’.

I had lost Ollie, and I was looking for him everywhere. But everything in the dream was wrong.

We were living on a busy main road, in an unfamiliar city. The cars outside were all 1970s American cars, and Yellow Cabs like I have seen in films. People were helping me try to find my dog, but none of them were familiar, and none were American either. The shops, banks, and other buildings all looked like they would in an English city, but the traffic, buses, and even police cars, were American types from fifty years ago.

After what seemed like hours passing in my dream, it was getting dark, and I still couldn’t find Ollie. I was becoming incredibly agitated, and worried about my dog.

Then the yapping of a neighbour’s tiny dog woke me up, leaving me thinking about yet another strange dream, and why I had experienced it.

At least Ollie was alive and well, sitting on his bed in the kitchen when I went to check on him.

51 thoughts on “Thinking Aloud On a Sunday

  1. It’s bizarre, I’ve also been having strange dreams I remember recently, and I usually don’t remember any. Good to know you’re feeling better and Ollie is well. I guess so many strange goings-on have us all spinning the wheels of our brains. Take care, Pete.

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  2. I usually try to identify the primary emotions the dream provokes? Things like fear, loss, confusion. I remember having a search and rescue dream after my Mom died, I couldnโ€™t find my Motherโ€™s wedding ring, in the dream she was still alive, and wanted her ring that I had somehow lost! I remember how frantic I felt, woke up in a sweat. Have you lost anyone important to you recently? C

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    1. Not since May 2020, Cheryl.
      I think this might have been because I was feeling unwell with a high temperature, and had been taking medication all day before going to bed. But the 1970s American vehicles were definitely additional ‘weirdness’! ๐Ÿ™‚
      Best wishes, Pete.

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  3. Hi Pete, I assume you are worried about Ollie. I used to have a recurring dream that I was lost in a maze, it was a water maze and I was rowing a small boat. I could hear my dad but I could never find him. I used to wake up in a terrible state.

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    1. Yes, losing Ollie is a worry, though it is unlikely to happen around here. The strange part of this dream was the old American vehicles in a very Englsh setting, and the fact that I lived on a busy main road in a city, instead of a quiet village. It might have been caused by the medication I had been taking all day.
      Thanks, Robbie.
      Best ishes, Pete.

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  4. In my dream this morning, I rode a used motorcycle from a large building across a vast lawn, nearly lost control of the bike, made a U-turn, and split a gathering of people on the way back to the building where I’d found it along with other motorcycles and bicycles of various sorts. I’d only changed gears once, and had run up the rpm’s, making the engine squeal. I have no idea what the dream meant. But then, most of my dreams leave me in the dark.

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  5. Thank our gods that Ollie is alive and well. Naturally, you are as anxious about him unconsciously as consciously.

    Your dreams are important.

    I, on the other hand, have dreamt two nights in succession about Hugh Grant, who has never featured in my waking thoughts.

    Perhaps he is trying to get a message to me.

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  6. It’s amazing how dreams can feel so real! I had a strange one recently that I had get up and shake off! I think I’d taken melatonin the night before and that seems to increase the vivid dreams! Glad Ollie was there when you woke up!

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