S.A.D. Lamp: An Update

I promised to update everyone about my S.A.D. Lamp.

(Seasonal affective disorder)

Winter is almost over. The daffodils are out now, and we have temperatures approaching 17C today.

So how did the SAD lamp cope through all those months of gloom? Dark at 15:30, rain, sleet, and snow, and me blogging away in a small office room lit only by my special lamp.

Well, it does seem to be positive.

I didn’t stop blogging. If anything, I posted more stuff.

My general mood was good overall, and I have been sleeping well.

Is a SAD lamp worth trying? I have to say ‘Yes’. As long as you don’t pay too much for it, and only leave it on when the sky outside is dull and unispiring.

Or when it is depressingly dark at 11 am.

Under £25, they are good value. But don’t pay more. I have links, if you need them.

Plugged into your PC, or laptop, they need no other power source.

Go for it. What have you got to lose?

46 thoughts on “S.A.D. Lamp: An Update

    1. I use it in the office, next to my PC. I usually have it on from 3pm on winter days, or very dull days other times. I always turn it off by 6pm, and it did seem to work after long-term use.
      Tell your dad to turn it on! Show him this post. 🙂
      As ever, Pete. XXX

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  1. What’s the light on them like? do they give a daylight look and feel? Are they so bright that someone walking past outside can see in? I live in a terraced house so not that far from the pavement outside (no big front driveway).

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    1. You are more than welcome to the months and months of dull grey skies, rain and no sunlight. It really gets one down! I’ll swap you the gorgeous blue sky and bright cheerful Sun anyway.

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