40 thoughts on “Short Thoughts (6)

    1. That’s interesting. I rarely think about the future now. I get through most of the present by thinking about the past. My future feels less than tangible, more like a concept.
      Best wishes, Pete. x

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  1. To me? Nostalgia is doing the ‘my life flashed before my eyes!” trip before you are actually re-thinking your entire life during the 2.5 seconds after you drove off the cliff face of 5,000 ft screaming time…. Much nicer to do it in snatches here and there while you aren’t also gripped in the ‘will it hurt when I hit?” panic….. thus, I’m a big fan of nostalgia – – 😀

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      1. Like the rest of us Pete, I get by. I’m doing well this year, almost March and I’ve not been in hospital yet. And what a treat this weekend’s weather is here, almost as if Spring has sprung. Sunshine and 14 degree temperatures.I hope you’ve got the same,

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  2. Et puis, un jour, sa mère lui proposa une tasse de thé et des madeleines, qu’il refusa dans un premier temps puis finit par accepter. C’est alors que, des années après son enfance, le thé et les miettes du gâteau firent remonter toute la partie de sa vie passée à Combray : « … et tout Combray et ses environs, tout cela qui prend forme et solidité, est sorti, ville et jardins, de ma tasse de thé. »
    (Source: article sur À la recherche du temps perdu dans Wikipédia)

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  3. According to that font of all knowledge, QI, nostalgia was once regarded as an illness, for the demonstration of which members of the military could be punished! Nineteenth century I think, but I wouldn’t swear to that. Cheers, Jon.

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