35 thoughts on “Short Thoughts (8)

  1. “There was a time I looked in mirrors.
    Cared about how others saw me.”

    For the most part, it’s just Alice Kingsleigh looking at you through the mirrors. And that’s okay. But if the Mad Hatter ever takes a gander at you through the mirrors, your goose is cooked!

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  2. I used to wear contacts because if felt I looked prettier and suffered from eye pain because of it. Now it’s glasses daily, unless it’s a rare event
    Similarly for shoes. No way I’d wear high heels now.

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  3. I’m reading a book about the band Heart, and Ann Wilson always struggled with weight..she’s totally candid about it. Now there’s a big story on social media about how The Daily Mail showed embarrassingly overweight photos of Actor Jonah Hill, who has been open about his struggles with weight. Long way to say that we all have those insecurities about something: looks, weight, social status etc. Must be nice to remove those shackles and just enjoy life!

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    1. It is much harder when you are a ‘celebrity’ of course. But I was never hounded by the media, despite my three short TV appearances! 🙂
      Best wishes, Pete.


    1. Thanks, Mohsinah. Getting older helps, and not circulating that much socially makes you less conscious of the attitudes of others. It is a freedom indeed.
      Best wishes, Pete.


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