31 thoughts on “Short Thoughts (18)

  1. There is a certain moment each summer when the rooms get just a perfect hot and the old house we live in gives out just a particular wood floor smell that I swear I am back at my grandmother’s.

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    1. Music always works for me too. Whenever I hear ‘Where Did Our Love Go’ by The Supremes, it takes me back to lying on my bed aged 12, thinking that Motown music was the best thing I had ever heard. Sea air is a great smell to remember, Cindy.
      Best wishes, Pete. x

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  2. Terrific Pete….”smell memories” indeed – anytime I smell frying grease I am taken back to my first job at a local hamburger stand in Seattle…they taught me how to make a fish sandwich first and I was petrified I wouldn’t do it right…still remember that exact moment, because fries were happily bubbling away across from the “fish station!”

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    1. The certainly are for me, Beth. I remember the first time we had a house with a garden. I was 15, and my dad mowed the lawn. That smell was intense, and until then, unfamiliar.
      Best wishes, Pete.

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