32 thoughts on “Short Thoughts (20)

      1. Ruskin Bond is an Indian writer with British parentage. His stories are reflective of his own life in Dehradun and Massouri and of people around him. “The Eyes Have It” is a story of a blind man travelling in a train carriage alone and his romantic meeting with a mysterious woman. He pretends that his vision is normal all the way, talking about the weather and scenary from memory. All the way he keeps wondering about her smell, her voice and if she’s as beautiful as he imagined. Once the woman gets out of his carriage, he finds out the woman was also playing the same game.

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          1. Worth a read, if you can find the book. The presentation is the best part about Ruskin Bond. He looks at everything with the wonder of a 12-year old boy. His language is simple but it is straight from the heart.

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  1. We all, both men and women, looked, admired, and daydreamed in our younger days. Just human nature. I’m an old lady now, but was the recipient of the stares of young men while in my prime. And I always took it as a compliment.

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  2. In the seat opposite me in the igloo.
    She is older. Attractive. Confident.
    She sees me looking.
    Well, not looking. Staring.
    Embarassed, I turn back to my walrus tusk carving.
    But not before I glimpse her warm smile.
    Can we snuggle?

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    1. I used to commute from home to school by train after my parents moved house when I was 15. Hard not to look when someone is so close to you. πŸ™‚
      Best wishes, Pete.


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