27 thoughts on “Short Thoughts (27)

  1. You have to see the positivity in it, Pete! Maybe these are rich bees, with their single loft. Lol Or they are social distancing, like us. 😉 There is a third possibility: they are bees who do not want to collect nectar for the others. 😉 Best wishes, Michael

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  2. I heard some wild statistic that they pollinate around 35 time more plants that a regular honey bee, much more efficient and important to the eco system. You can even build or buy your own mason bee house, or just have a messy garden, they will find you 🙂

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  3. Hmm…went and looked up – not sad to me as they help pollinate, are less defensive and actually, are preferred for pollinating alfalfa over honey bees (and alfalfa is a precious crop here in ranchland USA) – so they are solitary – not sure which part is ‘sad’ but they are bees, they pollinate plants and quietly go about doing their job in the ecosystem and haven’t been put into slaverly by humans yet for commodities, thus, sounds like they have it pretty good – – 🙂 – but that’s just my ‘take’ on the matter – me – who is not a biologist or expert – – LOL thus, what I think doesn’t really count! 😀

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    1. This is a memory from 2013, before I looked all that up. I had never seen a solitary bee before, so felt sad because I thought it had been ‘excluded’ from a hive. Once I read more about them, I realised it was okay. 🙂
      Best wishes, Pete.

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  4. I’ll have to check – here? they’re called ‘masonary bees’ and not certain if it’s a different name for the same species – but yes, here? Those bees do not work collectively in a hive, still important to ecosystem, though, best as I remember from Dad pointing them out and explaining to me, long ago – –

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  5. These are masonry bees and presumably like being alone. If you want to encourage them into your garden you can buy special tubes for them to nest in

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