39 thoughts on “Short Thoughts (30)

  1. This tragedy occurs more often than I wish, Mr. Pete. It breaks my heart. A middle school boy near my hometown recently took his own life. We believe he did it as an accident; just was hoping to get attention. At Christmas, a friend and colleague, 50 year old School Superintendent and son of my former secretary, took his life. It was shared the stress of Covid, coupled with existing pressures, was the cause of his anguish. Three school buses pass my house each morning. I ordered a yard sign from Etsy, “You Matter Very Much” in a beautiful blue. My hope is that anyone that reads this will know that they are worthy. I can’t imagine all you’ve seen.

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    1. Thanks, Karla. The pandemic lockdowns have certainly affected many people to the extent of increasing the suicide rate all around the world. Your sign is a good thing, I have no doubt. This was a job I did as an EMT that affected me more than most, and on certain days, it comes back to haunt me.
      Best wishes, Pete.

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  2. (1) The daughter’s explanation was so many words hung in the air.
    (2) I know a mother who named her son Jack. She always reminded him, “No jumping, Jack!”
    (3) Overheard: “Next time you go bungee jumping, don’t forget to attach the bungee!”

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