Welcome, Myanmar!

I noticed I have had my first visitor from Myanmar. (Also known as Burma.)

Given the upheavals in that country since the recent military coup, I am doubly grateful that someone there is taking the time to read my blog.

So this is a ‘thank you’ to that person, and my hope that your country’s troubles are soon resolved.

25 thoughts on “Welcome, Myanmar!

  1. Congratulations, Pete! Greetings also to your visitor. Politically it seems we are now definitely beginning the “Asian century”, with all the bad developments of the land grab.;-( Hold your china tightly in your hands because China will be unstoppable.

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  2. That’s good. In Australia, early seventies, when I was a teenager, our youth group met up with a group of Burmese families who had recently arrived. Given Australia’s questionable immigration policies I have no idea how they managed to get in, but one of the fathers said they had left because of the bad political situation, how right he was! We had a lovely camp with their younger members and they cooked us the most delicious food. I often wonder how those families got on, glad of their decision to leave I imagine.

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    1. That was an interesting encounter, Janet. I have never met anyone from Myanmar, but when I worked for the Diplomatic Police in London, I often spoke to people in their embassy.
      Best wishes, Pete.

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