35 thoughts on “Short Thoughts (33)

  1. Denial is bliss. I can imagine her trying to put it off until she could. I was the same when my father told me about my ex husband’s death. I continued chatting like nothing had happened. He had to make me really listen…”he’s dead. He was shot dead”…I was like, “Of course, I heard you.” After he hung up the phone, I’m not sure what happened, I was ironing the same dress until there were holes in it. I remember opening the door for my brother. I’m not sure if I closed it, if I ate anything or I slept. I was numb with shock.

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    1. She was making tea for him when we arrived, and asked me to take his cup into him so he could drink it while I examined him. I was never sure if she didn’t know, or just couldn’t face the reality.
      Best wishes, Pete.

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    1. I had always thought I had escaped the worst of that, Stevie. But over the last five years, the memories have come back to haunt me on a regular basis. Fortunately, a few of those memories are also good ones.
      Best wishes, Pete.

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        1. I wouldn’t say they are bad enough for counselling. They don’t affect my life or wellbeing in any way. But I am more aware of the impact of all the nasty stuff much more so than when I was actually doing it.

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            1. Not everyone realises that we used to go to many of the same people all the time. After the first two years, you begin to know about ten percent of the patients really well. Some of them used to ring 999 and ask for you, by describing what you looked like . But they got whoever was available of course.

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