Concern For A ‘Missing’ Blogger

Has anybody heard anything from Michel, who blogs at ?

He hasn’t posted anything for ages, not since November 2020, and didn’t reply to an email I sent him a while ago.

I remember him saying he had been unwell, so I am really worried about him.

Perhaps you can let me know, if you have been in contact with him.

Thanks, Pete.

41 thoughts on “Concern For A ‘Missing’ Blogger

  1. I hold out ‘hope’ as years ago – I waited nearly three years, to learn, a bloggy pal RECOVERED and came back from brink of death (cancer) but it was SOOO long before they once more started blogging any update and longer still before they blogged regularly! – – So, hoping, that too, turns out to the be the story for your bloggy pal. But I have felt as you have and worried, just as you have, for various bloggy pals over the years! hugs and ❤

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  2. Wish I could help, Pete. I lost touch with Sheri De Grom like that. We used to email, send cards, we even had a project we were working on with the VA – then suddenly nothing ….

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  3. Hi Pete, Michel is my best friend and he hasn’t answered me for over 2 months. We would talk every day…. I know that his dad’s health wasn’t good either. I’ve been worried sick messaging him and I even sent a letter to his address. I haven’t heard anything. 😭

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