38 thoughts on “Short Thoughts (40)

    1. They are everyhere. On my dog-walk today, an elderly neighbour spent ages telling me about having to have a new heating oil tank fitted. After 30 minutes, she said, “Sorry to drone on, Peter, but I have nobody else to tell about it”.
      Best wishes, Pete.

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  1. When I used to go to physical therapy I would find the waiting room full but I always went right in. Wondering about that, I asked. I was told that many people arrived very very early for the chance to sit among other people.

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    1. Very true. The lady I was writing about used to occasionally ring for an ambulance, though she didn’t need us. She enjoyed the brief conversation and company,.before we had to leave. There were many more like her.
      Best wishes, Pete.

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  2. House gathering dust and cobwebs. Wretched odors.
    Stacks more dishes on the couch, stays all day in her ragged nightgown, no makeup.
    A dozen donuts, a couple more beers.
    Empty bags and beer cans strewn on a filthy floor.
    She opens the curtains to ponder the graffiti scribbled by kids in the housing project.
    Old, abandoned, demoralized. Looking forward to perusing the junk mail again today.

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