39 thoughts on “Short Thoughts (45)

  1. I was raised to cry if need be – but limit it, do it in private, else others will see you as weak and attack – I was also raised to not start a fight, but if one started with me? To finish it best as I could – – I’m not certain what era of ‘raising’ is the more realistic, but I’ve embraced, for myself, “cry if you need to – try not to upset others if you do and sometimes, you just can’t risk crying now and it must be done later – “

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      1. Yup, talking or ‘quietly waiting’ or disappearing all work – too – until I realized, nothing to do but ensure, the 3rd rule – LOL – – “You don’t always have to win – if you are cornered, you must only make them hurt enough they decide not worth picking a fight with you” – how that hurt is delivered, varies, and I hope, is refined by every adult – from “I was blocking your punches and accidentally (?) gave you a black eye, cuz my fists were clenched’ to “I’m not available to help you with that, just now.” 😀

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  2. I know for sure this is what said to my brothers when they were small, and it was accepted. But now I am so glad that we think differently and I don’t tell my nephew to “be a man” and “real men don’t cry”. It was old school and we can’t change that, but I am glad we learnt from the past. Have a great day!

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